Biblioplanet, a pioneering service for Slavic and Eurasian studies libraries

We are glad to present to your attention Biblioplanet, a pioneering service for Slavic and Eurasian studies libraries.

The project is a joint venture of the bookselling company MIPP International and Direkt-Media, which is the largest aggregator of Russian academic literature.

E-content is hosted on the updated platform of University Library Online with English interface which has been specifically customized for the needs of the foreign users. Its essential features include:

• Flexible access including IP range
• On-campus and off-campus use
• PDF formats
• Free MARC records
• COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
• Compatibility with discoverability services (Ebsco EDS), educational environment (Moodle, etc.)
• Mobile and tablet accessibility (MacOS, Android)
• Assistive technology for users with special accessibility needs
• Personal accounts, bookmarks, annotations
• Pick-and-Choose model

A library can choose from a number of flexible access models:

SUBSCRIPTION – a model of annual IP-range access for unlimited number of simultaneous users to any of the chosen collections.

EVIDENCE BASED SELECTION – prepared specifically for foreign patrons, this model allows having an annual subscription to Basic Academic Collection with acquisition of 50, 100 or 200 ebooks in permanent access. The books are selected by the librarian taking into account usage statistics and preferences of researchers. After subscription expiration the chosen titles are still available for viewing, copying and downloading.

PICK AND CHOOSE – suitable for those who would like to select a customized set of ebooks on a title-by-title basis from the entire catalog of ebooks available for continuing access.