CNKI - China National Knowledge Infrastructure

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CNKI is the largest China-based information platform. It monitors the latest developments in Chinese politics, economics, humanity and social science, science and technology.

The largest of CNKI databases is China Academic Journals. For now it includes 11,215 titles, 65.2 million full-text articles since 1994.

The CNKI system also includes:

  • Literature Databases covering books, dissertations, monographic serials etc.;
  • Industry Knowledge Platform covering legal knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine and art databases; 
  • English Resources for top journals in English;
  • Citation and Evaluation,Software & Services.

For more information on CNKI resources please visit the website.

Chemistry/ Metallurgy/ Environment/ Mine Industry
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Education/Social Sciences
Electronics/Info Sciences
Mechatronik/Aviation/Traffic/Water Conservancy/Construction/Energy
Physics/ Astronomy/ Mathematics/Mechanics
Politics/Military affairs/Law