Agrotechnical sphere of a region: mechanism and factors of its development

Demchenko A., Yakovleva Ye., Savchenko T.

All-round evaluation of productive and technical potential of the AIC has been given, determining strategic lines of increasing and qualitative improving the material and technical basis of agriculture, perfection of forms, methods and the mechanism of management, information and personnel support

Creating the system of support for agrarian entrepreneurship

Bryklya O.

The structure of agricultural production, dynamics in cattle number across farm categories of Orel oblast has been stated, giving the results of sociological questionnaire for the implementation of the project «The development of the AIC», raising the effectiveness of agricultural production, and offering some measures on perfection of crediting smaller forms of management

Determining the requirements of agricultural organizations in capital assets

Regush M.

The level of equipping the agriculture of Russia with machinery has been estimated, calculating the requirements of agricultural organizations of Moscow oblast in machinery and finances for its acquiring in the long run until 2010. The effectiveness of agricultural machinery delivered by leasing was also analyzed

Diversification in agrarian economy

Safronov V., Dyabin S., Ovsyannikov Ye.

Theoretical and methodological issues of diversification in agrarian economy have been considered: its essence, necessity, socioeconomic effectiveness, formulating suggestions on development of diversification process in the branch.

Economic conditions of crediting cooperation development

Kozenko Z., Norov A.

The state of crediting cooperation in Russia has been analyzed, presenting the dynamics of its development. The example of Volgograd oblast was used to motivate advantages of hierarchic structure within the system of crediting cooperatives, their role in development of smaller business and perfection of quality in countryside life.

Effectiveness in using machinery and tractor park

Zimin V.A.

Given analysis concerns technical equipping of agricultural enterprises in Moscow oblast, disclosing causes of cuts in machinery and tractor park, advantages of organizing a network of machinery and technology stations.

Effectiveness of investment to reclamation development

Isainov Kh.

The analysis of financing reclamation works in the Republic of Tajikistan has been performed, motivating the feasibility of stage by stage working on reconstruction of irrigation systems and demonstrating their economic effectiveness. Main goals were determined to be achieved for creating an efficient water management system

Evaluating the competitiveness of food industry enterprises

Novak O.

A model for evaluation and analysis of competitiveness of an enterprise has been developed with account of macro-, meso- and micro media, offering evaluation methods of competitiveness in an enterprise on the basis of using statistical function of observation massif- quartile

Food stuff mission of consumers' cooperation

Romanchenko V.

Given analyses shows the state of consumers' cooperation in Perm krai, its lines: public catering, procurement activity, bread baking industry, production in processing enterprises. The opportunities of raising the effectiveness in consumers' cooperation were considered as well.

Forms of management in agrarian production ofTveroblast

Orlova O.

Comparative analyses of efficient management in agrarian enterprises with different organization and legal forms, both reformed and unreformed ones, has been offered, focusing on significance of integration and cooperation processes, including those in personal subsidiaries

Great effectiveness of small energetics

Ogarkov A.

The state of energy providing to rural territories and settlements has been analyzed. The progress of scientific designs on using nontraditional energy sources in Russia and in the world was stated. The most efficient and promising sources of energy production, including renewable ones, and autonomous systems of engineering equipment for rural settlements were considered, offering suggestions on their usage.

Investing attractiveness of agriculture in Moscow oblast

Bobikov A.

The methods for evaluation of investing attractiveness in agriculture have been stated on example of Moscow oblast. Grouping of districts in the region was given according to the level of investing potential. Some measures were offered to raise investing attractiveness in agriculture.

On forecasting Euro union agriculture development in 2006-2013

Ushachev I., Tarasov V.

The trends of development in EU agricultural and food markets have been prognosticated until 2013, including those of grain, oil crops, sugar, meat, milk and dairy products, as well as potential socioeconomic results of macro changes

Providing crediting resources to agrarian sector of a region

Popova O., Dolgova S.

In the article are presented problems of investment maintenance of the agricultural organizations and the analysis of financial sources of regional agrarian sector. The complex of measures on strengthening consolidation financial relations between real and bank sectors of regional economy is offered

Revival of commercial horticulture in Russia,

Minakov I.

The results of analysis of state and effectiveness of Russian gardening are shown. The directions of its development based on the production' s intensification, integration and concentration are researched. Economic mechanism of gardening enterprises' activity is well-grounded

Russian grain export: state of art and ways of resolving

Altukhov A.

The role of foreign trade with grain within the system of ensuring national food security has been shown. The analysis of the state of art in Russian food export and import and outlook of development was performed. Basic principles of national grain export policy were determined.

Shaping the state system of management in agriculture

Lomidze Yu.

The development of state management systems in agriculture of Russia has been considered. The comparison of various management systems was given. A new hierarchic state management system in agrarian sector of the country was suggested. The opportunities of growth in agroindustrial production were prognosticated for medium and long run.

The land of ours, black soil land (experience, problems and ways of rural territory development)

Pankov B.

Trends of development in agriculture of Russia after default

Zinchenko A., Matyukhina Yu.

Trends of development in agriculture of Russia after default have been considered. The level of commerce ability of agricultural produce, dynamics and conditions of reproduction in agricultural organizations, peasants' (farmers') economy and individual entrepreneurs were stated.



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