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Kuznetsov А.

Accounting for results of R & D as a factor of reviving innovation activity as a factor of reviving innovation activity

Arzhantsev D., Pisarev S.

Promising employment of special automated program sets has been characterized with the aim to ensure accounting of R & D results. The feasibility of forming civilian-legal agreements between Rossel'khozacademy and its institutes was motivated for usage of results of intellectual activity that will promote for active extension of scientific and technical achievements to production

Business planning in the sphere of smaller entrepreneurship

Mikhailyuk O.

Essential aspects of business planning have been considered, stating characteristic errors in compiling business plans and presenting the results of sociological research. Given recommendations might be useful for perfection of business planning in the agroindustrial complex

Custom tariff regulation of food market of Russia

Falina M.

The necessity of employing a set of custom tariff measures has been motivated to be used for regulation of foreign trade activity, enumerating the functions of custom duties with their short characteristic. Main principles of forming import custom tariff in Russia were stated: differentiation, escalation, efficient protection of national production. The dynamics of changes in import duty rates was shown for the period of2000-2007. It proves the economic feasibility of employing such method of market regulation as a system of tariff quotas

Determining the priority of managing forms

Aliev A.

The comparative analysis of efficiency of the ground and labour productivity in the agricultural enterprises, country (farmer) facilities and facilities of the population of Republic Dagestan is executed. The reasons of high parameters of efficiency of the grounds in small forms of managing are revealed. Advantages in labour productivity of the agricultural enterprises are proved

Economic relations of managing entities on the market of cattle farming produce

Kozaev I., Dementiev V.

The essence of effectiveness in agricultural production has been studied, having analyzed the distribution of income from sales of milk among agricultural, processing and trading organizations in Tambov oblast. This suggested a mechanism for improving interbranchial economic relations that enables to raise the effectiveness of cattle farming development in agricultural organizations

Effectiveness of investing activity in large agricultural companies of Tatarstan

Khairullin A.

Investing activity of large holding companies, functioning in the Republic of Tatarstan, has been characterized, giving the indicators of effectiveness from investments directed to the branch with dynamics of their repayment.

Factors of growth in competitiveness of grain production

Karasenkov Ye.

Losses of advantage have been estimated due to under usage of manure, obtainable in agricultural enterprises of Tambov oblast. The development of animal husbandry is understood as competitive advantage for raising the effectiveness of grain economy

Food security as a basis of stable development of Russian economy

Ushachev I.

World food situation and state of Russian agrarian production has been described in detail, denoting the two components of the notion «food security», shoving the role and tasks of domestic agricultural production during its providing for. Given analysis shows the prospects of development in the internal market of our country, highly dependent on import. Presented dynamics demonstrates the levels of consumption in basic food by population of Russia. Priority tasks and measures for ensuring food security of our country were enumerated and accompanied by short comments.

Forecasting the number of personnel for agriculture of the region

Nazarova N.

The opportunity of using multiple correlations in forecasting the number of workers in agricultural production of the region has been motivated with account for the influence from a number of socioeconomic factors. Presented forecast shows the number, composition and structure of workers for agriculture of Perm krai. Given estimates show the degree of influence from selected factors on the indicator of worker number.

Formation of uniform trade net in consumers' cooperation

Lukyanov V.

The scope of production in basic kinds of agricultural goods and their procurement by consumers' cooperation has been analyzed across the regions of Russia. The existing structure in production of agricultural goods, revealed in these subjects, provides to determine their potential opportunities for participation in centralized supply. The feasibility of forming uniform trade nets was motivated within the system of consumers' cooperation

Innovation-economic cluster of the agroindustrial complex of Yakutia

Darbasov V., Yegorov N.

The problems of scientific-technical and innovating activity have been studied in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It was suggested to create a regional innovation-economic cluster in the agroindustrial complex of the Republic.

Labor productivity as an indicator of effective usage of production resources

Sharipov S., Kharisov G., Kolpakov P.

The lead analysis has shown, that the applied parameter of efficiency of use of productivity does not allow to define a complex estimation of efficiency of use of industrial resources. It is offered to use as generalizing parameter an output of gross output on 100 roubles of industrial expenses.

Machinery-technological stations of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia)

Filippov A.

The activity of MTS in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has been shown for the period of 2003-2006, presenting the data on material-technical support of enterprises, denoting main directions and measures on raising the efficient functioning of MTS and stimulating their development

Optimizing branchial structure of the district from the viewpoint of investment attractiveness

Zakshevsky V., Verzilin V., Narolma Yu.

The effectiveness of investments has been studied from the viewpoint of their attractiveness for the state, business and hired labor. Optimizing model of branchial structure in investments of Rossosh district, Voronezh oblast was suggested with account of branchial criteria of risk and investment attractiveness.

Organizational-economic mechanism of sustainable development in fruit and berry subcomplex of the AIC

Kulikov I., Urusov V.

Modem state of domestic fruit and berry subcomplex and activity of processing industry has been characterized in short, stating system forming factors that stipulate for sustainable development of this sector of economy. The necessity of reviving the investment and innovation activity was motivated, presenting its main directions. The role of state regulation was perfectly demonstrated in the sphere of production, cooperation and integration for insuring sustainability of enterprises of fruit and berry subcomplex.

Parity of economic relations in the agroindustrial construction

Gezikhanov R.

A method of contract price formation for construction of AIC objectives has been stated, having analyzed the parity of economic relations between the participants of agroindustrial construction. The problems of nonequivalent exchange were revealed between AIC enterprises and construction organizations. The ways of improving contract relations were determined for rural construction

Peasants' (farmers') economy in the South of Russia: state of art and outlook

Temirova Z.

Agricultural production of Southern federal district has been characterized, having analyzed the role of peasants' (farmers') economy in development of agriculture of the district

Process approach to development of food market infrastructure

Vorozheikina Т.

The necessity of improving the food market infrastructure has been motivated, which objective evaluation of effectiveness requires to employ process approach to analysis and development from viewpoint of delivery chains. This describes standard criteria, subjected to raw stuffs to be delivered for processing. One of priority ways for development of food market infrastructure serves the formation of consolidating links in food delivery chains.

System of control over pollution of environment

Gazaliev M.

Ecological status of environment, including farm lands, in the Central economic district of Russia has been characterized, motivating the necessity of enactment of protection system based on the strategy of biosphere protection, usage of complex nature-protecting measures, account of damage to soils, water and air sphere. It was recommended after revealing pollution areas to employ such methodological approach as the unity of environment polluter kinds, which are considered not as individual components, but a set of uniform matter that affects the pollution of all three spheres of environment. It proves the necessity of regular monitoring by such indicators as biological requirement in oxygen, actual and permissible concentrations of harmful substances, sanitary number, etc.

Taxation of material-technical resources for the countryside

Zhukova О.

The taxation system for material-technical resources, used in agriculture, has been analyzed along with procedure of tax reimbursement by the state, motivating the lines of improving taxes on agricultural machinery and other resources.

Wholesale trade of food: problems and tasks

Nuraliev S., Nuralieva D.

The state of art in commodity promotion system of domestic agroindustrial complex has been characterized, motivating the necessity of forming an efficient system of wholesale food trade, creating wholesale markets in all large cities of Russia. It shows the importance of organizing procurement and sale cooperatives in places of goods production and their close interaction with wholesale food markets.






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