Agriculture of Turkey on the way to EU

Bykov G., Volkov L.

The level of development and specific features of agricultural production have been characterized, presenting the economic methods for the state support of fanners' economy and measures, adopted by the Government, on its reforming and adapting to Common Agrarian Policy of the EU. It has been shown what are the potential implications and total effect, expected from joining the European Union.

Buzdalov I.N. Selected works

Mmdnn А.

Decapitalization of agrarian production and its implications

Tulapin P., Ryzhenkova N.

The dynamics of investment and budget financing in agriculture in 1990-2006 has been presented, showing the implications of decapitalization for agricultural branch: destruction of material-technical basis and infrastructure, downfall of production in basic kinds of agricultural produce and products of its processing, deterioration of socioeconomic situation for rural population.

Development of agriculture for the short ran

Slepnev A.

Shortly characterized is the state of art in agriculture of the country in the part of completing the priority national project «The development of the AIC». Also stated are the main aims of the State program for development of agriculture and regulation of markets on agricultural produces, raw stuffs and food for 2008-2012, listing the basic lines of the program and supplying the information on their support by resources in 2008. Further supplied are the data on providing the branch with necessary financial resources, giving recommendations on raising investment attractiveness of agriculture.

Economic eflectiveness of fruit and vegetable production

Kipkeeva A.

The state of fruit and vegetable production in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia has been studied, revealing the reasons of low economic effectiveness of functioning fruit and vegetable complex of the Republic. Given proposals might raise the economic effectiveness of fruit and vegetable production on expenses of extending intensive technologies, improving the systems of storage and realization of produce.

Economic laws and modern agroeconomic

Zagaitov I., Kolesnikov L.

The article demonstrates the impact of the management system's neglect towards the requirements of objective economic laws on the crisis in the agricultural sector. It provides substantiation for the high probability of another economic downfall in the leading western countries in 2009-2011 and its negative impact on the Russian agriculture. A number of propositions are made concerning localization of its consequences.

Ensuring food stability of Russia

Shut'kov A.

The reasons of systemic crises in agrarian sector of economy, downfall23 of production have been revealed, motivating the proposals on the strategy of development in the AIC and its main link - agriculture, on resolving food security problem of Russia.

Integration processes in the AIC of Belgorod oblast

Kolesnikov A.

The advantages of large scale form of management have been proved, demonstrating the results of activity in agriholding formation type, widely propagated in Belgorod oblast, comparing productive indicators achieved by largest agriholdings and independently functioning agricultural organizations. Presented here are the main productive-economic indicators in entities with different categories, the state of investment activity in the region. The state of art in smaller forms of management has been described, denoting their role in development of economy, showing some measures of state support.

Legal aspects of land relations in agribusiness

Kirkorova L., Vladimirov V., Shirokov S.

Mechanisms of state administration of turnover of lands of agricultural use are analyzed. The urgent issues of land relations in the agrarian sector have been defined. The urgent issues of development of land relations in the agrarian sector are defined. The system of measures on the administration of market turnover of farm lands with an aim of provision of their conservation, rational and effective use, protection of property- owners' and users' rights has been offered.

Mastering resources-saving technologies ш plant industry of Amur oblast

Shelepa A., Churilova К.

The results of development of resource-saving technologies in plant growing in the Amur region are being adduced; the influence of technology factors on profit in plant growing has been revealed. The necessity of complex approach to introduction of resource-saving technologies is being proved.

Mutually profitable cooperation - as a way to income growth of agricultural commodity producers

GesheF A.

The necessity of cooperation for the commodity producers of all categories has been motivated aiming to ensure rational use of material, technical and labor resources. Efficient forms of cooperation are presented for use between agricultural organizations and owners of individual homesteads, peasants' (farmers') economy, owners of land shares, which will enable the growth of incomes for all participants of cooperation.

Raising the state of technical equipment in machinery-technological stations

Sidyganov Yu., Kiseleva К.

The influence of the state and coefficient of using the machinery and tractor park on gross output of grain produce has been revealed. In given stages of operations are determined the requirements of agricultural enterprises in equipment, rational choices of its composition types. The description of economic model reveals the aim of planning the equipment requirements in three variants of the state of machinery and tractor park.

Regulation of economic relations in agricultural enterprises

Tsibirev A.

The essence and contents of economic relations among subunits of an agricultural enterprise have been studied, suggesting the methods for evaluating the costs of technical repair services in the course of intraeconomic relations.

State support of traditional activity forms among the Far North people

Ruvil' V.

Scientifically motivated is the economic feasibility of restoring traditional activity forms in the Far North regions to ensure sustainable supply of the population with food. This shows compulsory necessity of state support for development of those territories, perspective conduct of state-private partnership there. Priority lines of state policies with respect to northern regions are listed and shortly characterized. Considered as an acute problem is the conduct of cluster policy in development of production of goods.

Systemic principles of sustainable development in agriculture

Kurtsev I.

The objective necessity has been proved for systemic approach to resolve the problem of ensuring sustainable development in agriculture. In view of that could be feasible without delay re-orient the research from traditional system of agroindustrial production toward development and formation of systems with sustainable functioning of the AIC in regions, municipal districts and enterprises. Forerunners of sustainable development in the AIC have been characterized, motivating the significance of developing long-term programs for the implementation of systemic principles.

Taxation system and its impact on financial-economic state of agricultural enterprises

Stepanenko Ye.

Operating systems of taxation have been studied in agricultural organizations, analyzing the mechanism of taxation system, which affects the results of activity in agricultural enterprises. Presented factors show the influence on taxation level and financial-economic situation of enterprises. Given proposals might raise the effectiveness of taxation system in the branch.

Trends m production and processing of winter rye grain

Gnbkov M., Loginov D., Kedrova L., Utkina Ye.

Modem state of winter rye grain production in Russia has been characterized. The example of Kursk oblast shows the trends in this sphere, presenting the dynamics of crop areas, changes of winter rye share in the structure of this crop, indicators of crop yield and gross outputs. This motivates the necessity of active research on enlarging the sphere of winter rye grain to be used in the national economy.

Universal instrument of budget regulation

Kruglov V.

We have dealt -with the problems of introducing in the Russian Federation the result-oriented budget-execution approach which is most valuable for the APK sector, as it not only needs considerable financial support from budgetary funds but also demands at least medium-term or long-term planning. Comparative analysis of cost-based and special-purpose systems of budgeting is given. Analogous foreign experience is described. It has been proved that budget-oriented result under the conditions of the Russian Federation is the prospective and self-developing system.



В статье приводится анализ орошаемого земледелия в Поволжье, производственно-финансовая деятельность сельхозпредприятий с развитым орошением. Обоснована экономическая целесообразность оптимизации параметров сельхозпредприятий в Саратовской области с развитым орошением. На примере сельхозартели «Михайловское» Саратовской области доказывается эффективность оптимизации параметров предприятия: их выручка от реализации сельхозпродукции может увеличиться в 2,4 раза, а чистая прибыль - в 7 раз.The article analyses of irrigated agriculture in Povolzhye, productive-financial activity of agricultural enterprises with developed irrigation. This motivates the economic feasibility of optimizing the parameters of agricultural enterprises with developed irrigation in Saratov oblast. The example of agricultural artel «Mikhailovskoe» in Saratov oblast proves the effectiveness of optimizing the parameters of an enterprise: its returns from realization of agricultural produce might increase by 2.4 times and net profit - by 7 times.




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