Additives of success

Gorbach V.

The performance of closed-type joint-stock company «Bolshevik» has been presented along with indicators for production of goods on the basis of improving intraeconomic relations, designating the lines of farm development and suggesting some measures on raising the competitiveness of agricultural goods of the enterprise at the agrarian market

Agriclasses a step to future profession

Markelova V.

The experience of professional orientation for rural youth has been described, indicating its training in agriclasses that ensures continuous process of agricultural education, enables to raise the level of training for aspirants for Belgorod GSKhA and provide skilled personnel to the countryside.

Development of personnel potential of the AIC in the region

Dorofeev A.

Problems of the education of agrarian specialists for the regional AIС under modern conditions are considered. Motivating the necessity of state support of projects, aimed to the developing and reproduction of the human resources in AlC. Theoretical motivation of the state-market model of forming agrarian specialists is conducted.

Formation of system of rural crediting cooperation

Boichenko I., Ovchinnikova O.

Suggested three-level crediting cooperative system includes beside crediting cooperatives, apex banks, settlement centers, auditors'unions, crediting history bureaus.

High-efficient resource for increasing pork production

Usov V.

The organization of pork production on the farm OOO «Rakita» in Belgorod oblast by industrial methods has been presented, staling the indicators of economic effectiveness in production of goods: average daily gains of live weight of animals, labor costs, self cost of produce, profitability of production and revealing the system of labor relations at the enterprise.

Human capital - as a general value of the company

Zolotukhin V.

The necessity of creating agriholding structures has been motivated. The example of a group of companies «Gubkinagriholding» shows the effectiveness of mutually profitable merger of several various profile enterprises into a single productive process, enforcing their personnel potential. Special attention is attached to solving social issues, particularly social protection of company workers.

Information technologies to rural commodity producer

Litvinenko A.

The lines of activity in the Innovation-consulting center of the agroindustrial complex in Belgorod oblast have been considered, as well as using mass media (journal «Belgorod agromir», weekly bulletin), Internet for informing agribusiness men and disclosing the opportunities of consulting service.

Intensive development - to dairy cattle farming

Lantratov N.

The state of dairy cattle farming in Belgorod oblast has been analyzed, revealing the factors of branch intensification. It is stressed that modern conditions demand reconstructing the existing or building new objects with extension of respective technologies.

Krasnoyaruzhskii breakthrough

Savchenko A.

The demographic situation in Krasnoyaruzhskii raioti of Belgorod obtast has been analyzed, revealing the Program for improvement of public life quality, realization of the national project «Health» and motivating the necessity of developing the agrarian sector of economy of the oblast.

Management - means foreseeing

Gorin V.

The experience of efficient development in Frunze collective farm has been summarized, stating rational mechanisms of control over specialized agricultural formation and revealing particular ways of raising labor productivity, strengthening the social sphere, improving cultural life conditions for workers of the collective farm.

Multiform agrarian economy of Belgorod region

Kolesnikov A.

The effectiveness of agricultural production in farms with various categories in Belgorod ohlast has been considered, analyzing financial state of agricultural enterprises and revealing the trends and specific features of peasants' (farmers') economy and personal subsidiaries.

Multiplying the production

Orlov A.

The work of the largest agriholding of the country, which includes 35 structural units, has been presented, describing the lines that serve for successful development of the holding balanced joint activity, automation of processes, investment to production and social infrastructure.

Organizational-economic mechanism of development of agriholding

Ushachev I., Arashukov V.

The analysis reveals the factors of economic medium that promote creating integrated formations; the description of functioning agriholding experience in the AIC of Belgorod oblast was given. The indicators of activity were stated for agricultural organizations - participants of integrated structures which prove positive dynamics of integrating process. The problems caused by shortages of functioning mechanism of associations were revealed. Basic organizational-legal forms of integration were described along with the structure and management system in agriholdings.

Production of ecologically safe agricultural goods

Lukin S.

The pollution with heavy metals, radio nuclides and pesticides in agrolandscapes and agricultural produce in Belgorod oblast has been estimated. The problems, connected with production of goods, obtainable from genetically modified sources, were considered. The steps taken by the government of Belgorod ohlast to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural goods were stated.

Raising production effectiveness

Dudnikov N.

The effectiveness of creating vertically integrated structures in agroindustrial production has been motivated, presenting the experience of working in agriholding OOO «Belgorod-semena» and disclosing the prospects of development in animal husbandry and poultry farming on the basis of extension of resources-saving technologies.

Reliable material basis - to agroindustrial production

Aleinik S., Koltunov G.

Main lines of material-technical support for the AlC of the oblast have been given, indicating the advantages of the MTS. The results of realizing the program on development of agricultural machinery construction in the region were stated, describing the measures on organization of input control over the quality of machines and their spare parts.

Right to be called the agrarian company of XXI century

Rzhevsky V.

The activity of large company «RosAgro-Invest», which unites agricultural enterprises of Belgorod oblast, lines of its activity, interrelations with other subjects of agrarian market has been presented, revealing specific features of management, labor motivation of workers and outlook of development.

Role of science and education in solving regional problems of the agroindustrial complex

Tur'yansky A.

The experience of Belgorod oblast on solving the problems of the AIC development and the role of agrarian science and education there has been considered, presenting the main lines of research in the field of ecologization of agricultural production, agroindustrial integration and cooperation, performed in Belgorod state agricultural academy, and stating basic principles of the system of continuous agrarian education in the region.

Strategic course of development of agrarian economy - creating large-scale integrated formations

Savchenko Ye.


Supporting individual dwelling construction in Belgorod oblast

Popkov A.

Positive experience of supporting individual dwelling construction in Belgorod oblast on expenses of regional budget and via the cooperative «Own home» has been presented, describing the procedure of issuing loans to rural citizens and other categories of people, different ways of their payment and using accumulation share installments.

Ways of raising the effectiveness - of plant growing

Sushkov V.

The systems of soil tillage employed in the region have been analyzed, stating conceptual issues on extension of resources-saving technologies to agriculture. The state of breeding and seed production was featured, indicating promising schemes in the sphere. The advantages of landscape systems of agriculture were shown, presenting the results of their extension in particular districts of the oblast. The programs on development of beet growing and sugar production were stated for the long run, indicating the role of integrated system for plant protection in development of the branch.

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