Agrarian protectionism: scientific basis and mechanisms for implementation under conditions of market relations

Kulikov I.M.

Appraisal of mutual relations in sugar beet subcomplex of Saratov oblast

Voloshchuk L.

The relation between sugar refinery and beet growing farms has been considered, giving comparison estimate of different variants of interrelations between sugar refinery and beet growing farms.

Budgeting - as an efficient instrument of production management in integrated agriformations

Zaruk N., Burmistrova O.

Integrating processes in the AIC of Penza oblast have been studied, giving the method for budgeting, as innovative method for management of integrated agriformation and demonstrating the effectiveness of extending proposed method for management in an organization.

Distribution of shares in agrifood sector of economy

Ivanova S.

The process of primary public distribution of shares of enterprises in agrifood sector of economy has been analyzed, considering the factors that affect the scale and dynamics of primary and secondary distribution of shares and disclosing the experience of share distribution by enterprises of food industry.

Economic mechanism for regulating the AIC under market conditions

Kubanov A., Baichorova A.

The necessity of state regulation in agroindustrial production has been motivated, presenting the mechanism ofAIC regulation and the degree of satisfying the population of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia with foodstuffs.

Effectiveness of grain production in resources-saving technologies

Gorpinchenko K.

On results of stationary multifactor experiment there has been found a dependency of winter wheat variety productivity on soil fertility, fertilizer system and plant protection means, suggesting variants of resources-saving technologies that enable to get optimal yield at minimum costs.

Financial-economic basis for strategic development of the AIC of a region

Shevchenko N.

The financial-economic state of agroindustrial complex in Belgorod oblast has been studied, offering a set of measures on improving the mechanism for raising financial-economic potential of agricultural production in the region.

Improvement of marketing strategy at meat industry enterprises

Magomedov Sh., Omarov L.

The study has been performed in meat produce market of the Republic of Dagestan, the changes that occurred during the years of reforms, analyzing specific features in consumption as dependant on public incomes, traditions, requirements of quality and offering some measures for revival of processing industry of the region, market segmentation, competition development.

Innovative development of scientific-educational complex

Vostroilov A., Belousov V., Shevchenko V.

The experience of forming the agritechnopark on the basis of Voronezh state agrouniversity named after K.D. Glinka has been given, disclosing the contents, goals and tasks, as well as the concept of its strategic development, the experience of functioning in corresponding pilot project, its role in development of rural territories of the region.

Intensification of wheat grain production

Gaisin R., Ismagilov K.

Presented study has demonstrated that the technology intensification permits to a certain level to raise economic effectiveness of wheat grain production on expenses of raising the output of commodity grain and its quality. However, the growth of indicators is limited, particularly, by natural resources of the region (law of diminishing return), which is to be considered in every particular case.

Land tax within taxation system of agriproduction

Tarasov A.

The mechanism of land tax influencing the tenancy payment, and via this - the costs of agricultural production has been considered, estimating the share of rental income exempted in various variants of its calculation and establishing the dependency in variations of land tax, value of realized produce and cadastre value of land.

Marketing activity in the AIC of Omskoblast

Koshelev V., KozIov A.

The necessity of creating the service of marketing in an organization has been motivated, giving the set of missions, as well as the structure of branch marketing system in Omsk oblast.

Methodical basis for purposeful state support of agricultural commodity producers

Sadkov V., Popova O.

Domestic and foreign policy in the sphere of supporting the agrarian sector has been analyzed, offering the method that permits to determine subsidies to primary agricultural commodity producers as dependant on efficiency of their usage of land potential.

Methodology for calculating the demographic situation forecast

Pechenevskii V., Zagaitov I., Yanovskii L.

By the use of econometric research, there has been revealed a connection between social and demographic factors, acting in rural areas of Voronezh oblast. Proposed method enables to forecast the demographic situation in rural areas for the long run. The forecast of birth number was given for rural areas of Voronezh oblast.

Planning the regional need ingrain

Marchenko A.

A method has been suggested for calculating the balance of food and feed grain in a region that permits to determine the prospects of branch development, scales of export and import.

Regulating the market of animal farming produce

Maslova V., Schastlivtseva L., Tyapkin N.

The state of art in market of animal farming produce in Russian Federation has been studied, analyzing the dynamics of prices on domestic produce and their ratio both across the regions, and prices on imported products, giving recommendations on improvement of price and financial-crediting relations in the branch and offering a set of measures on development of animal farming, including meat cattle farming.

State subsidizing as a factor of raising the competitiveness of agriculture in the United States

Avarsky N.D., Overchuk L.A., Overchuk A.L.

The principles of state support to farmers'economy in the United States have been given, considering the lines of varying the procedure for payment of government payments to farmers with account of the WTO requirements and presenting the mechanism of supporting prices on milk, produced in farmers' economy.

State support of personal subsidiaries

Zhichkin K., Lipatova N.

The role of personal subsidiaries in the socioeconomic development of the countryside has been considered, analyzing the forms and contents of state support of public farms in the Russian Federation and in a number of regions.

Strategy of sustainable development of poultry farming

Bobyleva G.

The analysis of modern state of the art in poultry farming production has been stated, motivating the necessity of branch intensification, raising the competitiveness of produced goods, improving custom-tariff regulations and giving particular indicators of poultry farming development for the long run.

Widening the boundaries of crediting policy in agriculture

Korolev K.

Based on the analysis of factors that impede the implementation of crediting policy of the bank in agriculture, there has been motivated the necessity of its state regulation. Particular regulating instruments were developed, permitting to significantly widen the boundary of crediting policy of Rossel'khozbank.

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