A.M.Chernyshev, Ye.A.Yakovleva, T.V.Savchenko K.A.Yakovlev, A.F.Demchenko. Agrotechnical sphere of a region and management. Theory and practice

Kot S.

Economic basis for raising grain quality

Zakharchenko V., Kairova I.

The analysis of grain production has been given on example of large and medium enterprises of Stavropol' krai, presenting the indices and effectiveness of production, motivating the necessity and offering some measures on raising grain quality

Farms of the population in economy nfRrvanskohlast 01 ьгуапзк ooiast

Kalinicheva V.

The state of development in farms of the population in Bryansk oblast has been analyzed, presenting the share of gross output of agricultural commodities produced by various categories of farms, giving recommendations on further development of peasant's homesteads

Golubev ^Economic modeling of effective agranan production

AndryLchenko S.

Integration processes m the sugar beet subcomplex

Gorbunova Ye.

Presented analysis shows the development of integration and principles of cooperation in sugar beet subcomplex of Penza oblast. It suggests cooperation models in sugar beet subcomplex, a system of interaction for smaller forms of management and sugar refineries -within the framework of a servicing cooperative

Investment activity of agricultural commodity producers in Tambov oblast

Izmailova S, Zakharova O.

An alternative project for development of investment complex in Tambov oblast has been considered on example of Michurinsk raion. It is suggested to realize investment projects designed to raise the effectiveness of economy of the oblast on expenses of activating re-investment mechanism via application of clusters

Legal regulation of land relations of aboriginal smaller peoples of the North

Belov V.

The necessity of developing new approaches to legal regulation of land relations for aboriginal smaller peoples of the North has been motivated, which will promote the effective development of territories of their permanent residence. The conditions for agreement and mechanisms for compensating payments by economic subjects to members of gender societies were determined.

Principles for constructing the tariff system in agricultural enterprises

Markaryants A.

The problem of tariflcation of -working and workers of agricultural production under conditions of market economy has been considered, along -with requirements for tariff systems and the opportunity of transition to 18-grade tariff net. Intergraded tariff coefficients were suggested for detrimental, low-profitable and profitable agricultural enterprises.

Priority development of the AIC as a factor of food security of Russia

Kuznetsov N.

. The directions of the national project of development of the AIC have been stated, that provide to ensure food security of the country, stabilize domestic food market and augment the export. Special attention was attached to scientific and personnel support of the AIC

Problems of intensifying the agriculture

Mindrin A.

The state of intensification in agriculture has been analyzed, following the dynamics of land usage. Systemic problems of growth in agricultural production and ways of their solution were determined, motivating legal, organizational and economic conditions of organic agriculture

Raising the competitiveness of milk and dairy products

Glazunov V, Serdobintsev D

The definition of competitiveness and its formation has been considered. The analysis of consumers' preferences and estimate of competitiveness in milk and dairy products was performed to determine basic ways for raising the competitiveness in milk and dairy products

Realization of the national project "The development of the AIC"

Berezhnoi A.

Presented analysis of the state in animal husbandry of Krasnoyarsk krai contains basic organizational-economic ways of development in animal husbandry. It reveals the directions for improving the intraeconomic organization of production and management in agrarian enterprises. It is suggested to organize the center of agrarian reformation, scientific-practical expertise and price policy.

Scientific basis of shaping and implementing the innovative policy m the AIC

Ogloblin Ye

. Theoretical and methodical basis for shaping the state innovative policy in the AIC of Russia have been considered, formulating main priority directions of its implementation under modem conditions, offering the financial-economic mechanism for implementing the innovative policy in the AIC.

Social protection for workers of consumers' cooperation

Agafonova S.

The analysis of living standard and life quality of the population, social protection of-workers in enterprises has been performed, offering the methods for material stimulation of social protecting the workers in consumers' cooperation.

Stolypin reform and priorities of modern agrarian polic

Ushachev I.

Main aspects of agrarian transformations in Russia at the beginning of previous century Stolypin reform have been stated, presenting the criteria of effectiveness of innovative projects at present - economic, social and ecological ones, featuring the aims of perspective agrarian policy, its priority directions

Trends of grain market development rn the Republic of Mordovia да- 10,9 тыс.т(на41,3%)

Kilennikov Ya.

The definition of competitiveness and its formation has been considered. The analysis of consumers' preferences and estimate of competitiveness in milk and dairy products -was performed to determine basic -ways for raising the competitiveness in milk and dairy products


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