A.F.Korolkov. Foreign trade activity of enterprises of the AIC

Tarasov V., Svinukhov V.

Budgeting as modern organization of management system in an agroindustrial enterprise

Kundius V., Gordeev K.

A new approach to strategic planning and management of enterprises of holding type budgeting has been stated, describing the experience of using such system in agroindustrial company "Pava of Altai krai. Positive results of using budgeting as a system for management of enterprises were given.

Development of interregional integration of agroindustrial markets

Alieva L., Svetlorusova T.

The development of interregional integration of agrifood markets of the Union state Belarus Russia (USBR) has been studied, calculating the levels and indices of food security, forecasted volumes of export and import of agriproduce between Belarus ad Russia in 2007-2010. Also given are the suggestions on development of forming agrifood markets of the USBR.

Development of peasants (farmers) economy of Belgorod oblast

Kudryashov V., Nezhelchenko Ye.

The development of farmers' movement in Graivoron raion of Belgorod oblast has been studied, analyzing the sources of financing in peasants' (farmers') economy of the district in 1992-2004, presenting the dynamics of growth in material and technical equipment.

Influence of marketing on effectiveness of activity of consumers' associations

Borisova N., Ilyin A.

The necessity of organizing marketing activity by district consumers' associations has been motivated, performing correlation analysis of investigated materials in these organizational-legal forms; demonstrating the self estimate made by cooperators of Chuvash republic in their knowledge of marketing and its usage in practice. Main phases of organizing marketing activity by cooperative formations were presented.

Land tenure of territories of minor peoples of the North

Yemelyanova T.

Basic positions of the Federal target program «Economic and social development of aborigine minor peoples of the North till the year 2011» have been stated, presenting priority lines of sustainable development of northern territories. A structural model of forthcoming land tenure of the region was described, organically connecting all works prior to and during projecting in themes, space and time frames.

Methodology and methods for determining the level of food security of the country

Altukhov A.

The content of notions "food security "and "food independence "has been disclosed, denoting a system of special indicators required for objective estimate of food security, both for the country and a separate man. Mathematical model "Food security of the Russian Federation: was analyzed, showing basic criteria of estimating its level.

Nonagricultural activity on rural territories

Voityuk M.

The economic feasibility of organizing various kinds of поп agricultural activity in rural settlements has been motivated to enable the rise in employment and incomes of population. The basis for development of alternative activity will be formed by natural territory and social potential of concrete settlements. The methods developed and described by the author for conduct of territory zoning with account of their functional features will permit to determine the prospects for organizing поп agricultural activity.

Priority national project "The development of the AIC" from viewpoint of profitability of agricultural labor

Tarasov N., Skalnaya M.

The size in wages of agricultural workers, incomes of rural population and their relations to economy as a whole and population living in urban areas; their branch differentiation have been characterized, indicating weak ties in incomes of the population living in rural areas with priority national project "The development of the AIC ". Basic lines of regulating the size and structure of incomes of rural population were suggested and characterized on the basis of realizing constitutional rights on social equality of citizens of Russia.

Raising competitive potential of agrarian production of Russia

Fradkov P.

The necessity of integrating Russian economy into the system of international division of labor by means of effective production and sale policy has been motivated, considering the ways of raising profitability offunctioning Russian AIC, concrete actions of legislative and executive power on supporting domestic producers of agricultural produce.

Raising the effectiveness of grain production and sale in the region

Demesheva I.

The state of grain economy in Belgorod oblast has been analyzed, offering recommendations for increasing grain crop yields, improving the sale of grain and raising the effectiveness of its production

Regulation of prices on produce and services of of the agroindustrial complex

Lukashev N.

Foreign and domestic experience on regulating prices for industrial means of production and services acquired by agricultural commodity producers has been analyzed and summarized, determining basic lines for state regulation of prices for industrial means of production from standpoint of systemic approach.

Reproduction and socioeconomic transformations in agriculture of Russia

Zinchenko A.

Missions and ways of reproduction in agriculture have been analyzed, stating the groups of agricultural enterprises in their size, level of effectiveness. The growth in profitability of the branch, the effectiveness of production and distribution of profit was characterized in large and medium agricultural enterprises.

Transformation of farms of the population

Bekreneva N.

Specific features and trends in development of personal farms of the population have been analyzed, proving that their modem status cannot provide for reproduction of labor force, mechanization of labor-intensive processes, master up-to-date technologies. The effect of market conditions on transformation of peasants'homesteads was studied, showing the role of PFPs in shaping incomes of rural population.



Предложена методика оценки рыночного потенциала потребительской кооперации региона дифференцированно по отраслям с учетом макроструктуры оборота торговли. Дан прогноз развития рыночного потенциала.

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