Evaluating the financial state of agricultural enterprises in Russia

Gataulina Ye.

Given evaluation of financial state in the sector of agricultural organizations in Russia reveals the changes in their financial stability for 2003-2008. Statistical data are presented in dynamics of prices of particular kinds of produces. Balance proportions are analyzed for characterizing the enforcement of rules for asset formation on expenses of respective passives. The reserve of financial strength is determined in enterprises of that category.

Factorial modeling of effektivenes of egg production

Konoplyannikova S.

The state of art in egg poultry farming has been studied, revealing the problems in the field of price policies. A multifactor model is offered for calculating egg production profitability, showing the ways of its practical realization.

Flax subcomplex of Udmurtia: state of art and outlook of development

Botkin О., Sutygin P.

The state of art in flax subcomplex of Udmurtian Republic has been studied, considering the main factors that impede the development of flax growing and primary treatment of flax and motivating the necessity of state support.

Improving the regulation of support in agriculture after Doha round of WTO negotiations

Sidoruk А.

Presented principles for regulating internal support of agriculture by WTO member-states are found in the project of modalities published in December 2008. Specific features of such regulation have been considered for developed and developing countries, evaluating proposed mechanism for support of agriculture by WTO member-states.

Innovative entrepreneurship as a factor of efficient development in the AIC

Kuzovlev V.P., Nechaev N.G.

The participants of the «round table» have analyzed the state of art in innovative entrepreneurship of the AIC, considering basic lines of work on formation of efficient mechanism for development of innovative entrepreneurship in agrarian sphere, ways for raising innovative activity of agricultural enterprises and presenting new scientific designs in that field.

Legal support of land tenure in agriculture of developed countries

Paptsov А.

The article presents the experience of regulating land relations in foreign countries. It gives the agroindustrial legislation that regulates the essential parts in life of rural residents, rights and duties of peasants' (farmers) economy.

Methodology of long-term forecasting in development of agriculture in a region

Pechenevsky V., Zagaitov I.

It has been shown that for ensuring the effectiveness of forecasts these shall rest on scientifically founded foresight of economic dynamics, employing efficient methods for quantitative evaluation of trends. Specific features are described in pointed, interval and one-sided limited forecasts. Some formulas are presented for calculating practically significant effectiveness of forecasts. Brief characteristic is given for methods of forecasting - standard, functional, correlating, optimizing and expertise ones.

Organizational-economic mechanism for regulating land relations in a region

Eldieva Т.

Existing land relations have been analyzed, including land distribution across categories, as well as in kinds and forms of ownership, procedure of using land resources and formation of mechanisms for their re-distribution. The economic essence of land rent is shown. Brief characteristic is given in seven categories of land. Main ideas of land legislation are stated.

Prehistory of establishing the VASKhNIL

Nazarenko V.

The article gives retrospective analysis of the VASKhNIL establishment, motivating the necessity and feasibility of organizing such an institution.

Production cost management in agricultural organizations

Geshel' V.

The contents of product self-cost and its role in development of cost-accounting relations have been studied, showing the ways for rational use of production resources.

Production of organic food: world experience and prospects of the Russian market

Ushachev I., Paptsov А., Tarasov V.

Basic requirements of organic agriculture have been stated, showing its role and share in the structure of agricultural production. Presented statistical information features the development of organic crop farming in various regions of the world and in particular countries. Given examples show the measures of state support for farmers engaged in production of ecologically pure products

Rural tourism as a way for diversification in activity of personal farmsteads of residents

Ivanovskaya К.

The necessity of diversification in rural economy has been proved. The mark estimation of territories of the Kostroma oblast with the purpose of accommodating the objects of rural tourism is carried out. Calculating a potential market capacity of rural tourism in the region is made. Models of development of rural tourism in personal farmsteads of residents are presented.

Sale system for produces of peasants' (farmers') economy

Kudryashov V., Sushentsova S., Ivlev М.

Specific features, principles and ways of improving the organization of produce sale in peasants' (farmers) economy have been considered, giving a set of feasible measures for state support in that sector of economy.

Sustainability of development in rural areas

Atyukova О.

Basic ideas of the Conception for sustainable development of rural areas up to the year 2020 have been considered, focusing on specific problems in that sphere. The example of Penza oblast demonstrates strategic goals in development of municipal formations, disclosing the principle of financial mechanism for their support.

World trends in foot catering to the public

Altukhov А.

Disclosed problem focuses on new world trends in food supply connected with purchasing or long-term tenancy of foreign agricultural land.

Zhuchenko А.А. Ensuring food security of Russia in XXI century on the basis of adaptive strategy of sustainable development in the AIC (theory and practice)

Altukhov А.



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