Agrarian policy of the USA

Cheplyansky A.

Modern system of state support of U.S. agroindustrial complex has been considered. Basic lines of agrarian policy were revealed, analyzing the economic mechanism of its realization. Also shown were the aims and volumes of financing state programs, as well as possible implications of their action for agricultural commodity producers.

Effectiveness of using Right-bank potential of Saratov oblast

Chernyaev A., Sharikov A.

Methods of evaluating resource potential of an agricultural enterprise have been demonstrated on example of Right-bank region of Saratov oblast, analyzing the effectiveness of its use, as well as reasons of incomplete realization of resource potential.

Intensity level of agrarian labor and factors of its normalization

Belokopytov A.V.

Sociological methods have been used to analyze the level of employed agrarian labor in Smolensk oblast, determining basic factors that directly affect the intensity of labor processes and methods of raising their effectiveness in agriculture.

Phases of technological reform in agriproduction of Russia and economic effectiveness of transformations

Krasnoshchekov N., Mikhalev A., Yezhevsky A.

The measures taken during modernization phases of agriproduction have been stated to evaluate its economic effectiveness. The necessity of budget financing, information and standard support, raising qualification of personnel in the branch were motivated.

Regional features of state support of agriculture

Borkhunov N.

The level and regional features of subsidizing agricultural organizations have been analyzed, evaluating the effectiveness of particular kinds of budget financing and prospects of its development.

Role and place of agriculture in the economy of Russia

Ushachev I.

The situation in agriculture of Russia has been analyzed, showing its role in development of economy of the country. Given data characterize the share of this sector of people's economy not only in gross national product but in the economy as a whole. Economic, social and political significance of agriculture was shown for sustainable development of rural territories, ensuring food independence of Russia.

Training-scientific-production integrated formations

Ostretsov V.

Forms of integrated associations of research institutions, higher education and production enterprises have been considered, revealing the aims of their formation. The necessity of converting dairy training-scientific-production complex in settlement Molochnoye of Vologda oblast was motivated.

Yezhevsky A. A., Fedorenko V. F., Aronov E. L. Strategy, effectiveness and experience of production-technical support of agriculture in the second half of XX century (System "Soyuzsel'khoztekhnika" - Goskomsel'khoztekhnika)

Alferyev V.




На основе системного анализа современной интегрированной деятельности выявлены региональные особенности специализации, кооперации и интеграции сельских товаропроизводителей. Обоснованы предложения по развитию взаимовыгодных производственных отношений на рыночных принципах.


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