Basic lines of agrarian policy of the Russian Federation

Ushachev I.

The state of agroindustrial production in Russia has been analyzed, scientifically motivating six basic lines of state agrarian policy in the light of solving the assigned task to double gross national product of the country. Specially demonstrated was the role of agrarian sector control system in stabilization of production. Also motivated was the necessity of adopting a strategy for development of agriculture.

Consumers' cooperation in market economy

Kolesnikov V., Shklyar M.

The role of consumers' cooperation in development of agriculture and revival of the Russian village has been motivated, demonstrating cooperative advantages, which enable to raise the standard of living of the population and improve the entire economic situation in the countryside.

Economics of agriculture. Textbook. Edited by N.Ya. Kovalenko

Semenov A.

Ensure sustainable development of rural territories

Petrikov A.V.

Under consideration were the measures that enable to ensure sustainable development of rural territories, basic lines and mechanisms of promising rural policy. Given analysis shows the reasons, which caused socioeconomic crisis situation in the Russian village, presenting key lines in the policy of rural development of Russia.

Influence of labor payment level on effectiveness of agri production

Romanenko A.A., Nechaev V., Prokopets V.G.

The effectiveness of agriproduction has been analyzed as dependent on labor payment of agroenterprises workers. The grouping of 130 economies in the Northern tone of Krasnodar krai performed in the level of average monthly wages proved the essential influence of this factor on results of their activity. The indicators of the agrifirm «Yuzhny put» were considered as an example, which combines high wages of workers and high achievements in production.

Intraeconomic relations of agroenterprises

Olishevets О.

The feasibility of developing cost accounting in agroenterprises has been motivated, revealing common and different features in principles of this form of labor organization in the late 1980

Management of innovation processes in the AIC at the level of a raion

Kashubo N.

The economic growth in the AIC, based on active extension of innovation solutions into production, is directly connected with investment activity. Proposed method of increasing innovation activity in raion AIC might be employed by improving investments control system. The experience of developing new methodical approaches to organization of economic relations in the AIC was demonstrated, stating the results of their approbation in Staritsa raion of Tver oblast.

Management of strategic planning

Pakhomov A.

The problems of strategic planning management of economic subject by the use of three-measure system of coordinates have been considered on example of the ОАО «Dairy combine "Voronezhskiy».

Market of production service of agroenterprises

Rys'myatov A., Moiseev V., Chebotareva I.

The economic research has demonstrated the necessity of concentrating the production within the framework of an agriclimatic zone for development of production services market and infrastructure. The effectiveness of using agricultural machinery and adjacent organizations was analyzed on example of agroenterprises in Krasnodar krai.

Price formation for agricultural produce

Shlychkov V., Usmanova S. Price

Methodical approaches and models for establishing guaranteed state-regulated prices for agriproduce have been motivated as ensuring to commodity producers the normal rates of expanded reproduction independent of the state of environment. The opportunity and necessity of using the results of modeling was proved in the practice of agroenterprises management in an administrative raion and subject of the Federation.

Reforming the administrative system in the AIC

Baklazhenko G., Smirnova L.

The problems of administrative reform in the AIC have been revealed, suggesting implementing the administrative reform in conjunction with local self-government and considering it as a uniform system.

Target program approach to development of rural territories

Toropov D.

The necessity of operative solution of social problems of rural population demands to elaborate the state national strategy for sustainable development of rural territories. Its basic targets are to be the mitigation of rural poverty, raising the level and improving the conditions of living in the countryside. The lines of priority measures for solving social problems were shown, stating the first positive results of implementing the program «Social development of the countryside up to 2010».



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