Basic lines in sustainable development of agricultural enterprises

Skuratov R., Kosolobova Ye.

The author's interpretation of the term «sustainable development of agriculture» is given in the article. The state of agricultural sector of the Lipetsk region is analyzed. The tendencies of its development are revealed on the basis of the analysis. The evaluation of the industrial and financial activity of the public corporation «Russian Agricultural Company» is made from the point of view of stability of its functioning.

Criteria and methods for measuring the results of scientific designs

Skvortsov V.

Given description shows a system of criteria for defining the economic effectiveness of scientific-technical products. Specific features of employing criteria and methods for estimating the economic effectiveness from using the results of research and designs have been disclosed at the level of innovative, entrepreneur and economic activity.

De-liberalization of agrarian markets as a line of institutional reforms

Parakhin Yu., Ageeva O.

Scientifically founded are the economic and political feasibility of careful de-liberalization of agroindustrial markets and return to active state regulation of agrarian sector. A set of measures will be exclusively realized by economic tools of state regulation. Strategic goals of agrifood policy have been stated.

Domestic sugar market

Sturua A.

The results of work in sugar beet subcomplex in the AIC of Russia in 2008 have been analyzed, determining the tasks that allow for production of sugar from domestic raw stuff in the scope, which ensures food security of the country in this socially significant product.

Effectiveness of intensifying the horticulture in Tambov oblast

Trunov A.

Monitoring of the effectiveness in horticulture of large specialized farms of Tambov oblast demonstrates the advantages of enterprises with high level of specialization and intensification in production. This outlines basic ways for intensifying the subbranch.

Institutional features and effectiveness of cooperative management form

Rodionova O., Leonova Ye.

The article deals with theoretical basis of agricultural cooperation, giving comparative characteristic of development in cooperation under planned economy and in modern period, describing in short the approaches to improvement of consumers' cooperatives management and showing their effectiveness.

Interaction between local government and agribusiness

Zakshevsky V., Merenkova I., Pereletov A.

The basic problems of the development of agribusiness of the rural municipal area are considered. The interrelation between the development of a rural municipal union and the state of an enterprise forming a company town is revealed. The prospective lines of the cooperation between the local government and agribusiness are defined.

Investment component in efficient usage of resource potential in agriculture

Belokopytov A., Zharova O.

The article gives a characteristic of resource potential in agricultural organizations of Smolensk oblast and presents an economic-mathematical model that allows for defining the parameters of development in an enterprise by means of achieving optimal resource proportions and accounting for investment scope needed for respective structural changes.

Mechanism for realization of project financing patterns in the AIC

Shchukin G., Krutova I.

The mechanism for project financing the AIC of Russia has been studied, disclosing its contents and specific features. Financial resource support of priority national project «The development of the AIC» is analyzed, suggesting the ways for its improvement.

Mechanisms for modernization of consumers' goods distribution system

Dobrosotsky V.

The main ideas and principles of three-level model for constructing a national system of producing and selling cooperation have been stated. This shows the advantages of wholesale food markets as a channel for selling the produces, motivating the economic feasibility of forming their national system. This describes the principle idea of the anti-crisis national economic model «The Social circle» developed by authors, listing potential organizers and participants at federal, regional and municipal levels. Also stated are the conditions for selecting candidates on the status of government agent for various groups of participants in the model - producers of agricultural raw stuffs and food, processing enterprises, subjects of wholesale and retail trade, banking structures. This shows the privileges and advantages acquired by all participants in the model.

Methods for economic research in agroindustrial production

Prokopiev G.

The article gives the notion apparatus in economic research methods to be used in agroindustrial production. It gives the characteristic and motivates the necessity of using various methods for searching the reserves of raising the effectiveness of economic research.

Raising the quality of farm machinery

Zhukova O.

The quality of machinery supplied to agriculture has been analyzed, motivating the measures for raising the responsibility of suppliers for reliability of machinery and organization of dealers' service on its repair and maintenance

Regulating the agriproduce market in Canada

Grigorieva Ye.

The system of agriproduce market regulation in Canada at federal and provincial levels has been studied, indicating the most regulated markets of goods (milk, poultry, eggs), which undergo the action of supply management mechanism.

Rise in technical equipment for grain crop production in Oryol oblast

Polukhin A.

The state of technical equipment in agriculture of Oryol oblast has been studied, demonstrating the significance of resources-saving technologies application in the course of grain crop cultivation. The experience of resources-saving technologies application in a number of farms of Oryol oblast is presented, giving the evaluation of their effectiveness.

Socioeconomic role of agricultural production in development of a region

Dubrovina Z., Litvinova Ye.

The economic state of agriculture in Magadan oblast has been studied, revealing socioeconomic impact of agrarian transformations. The analysis of providing food to residents of the region defines priority lines of development in agrarian sector of economy in the framework of government measures.

Sustainable development - as a basis for increasing the incomes of agricultural organizations

Geshel' A.

On the basis of analyzing productive and economic indicators achieved in districts and agricultural organizations of Moscow oblast, there have been disclosed some factors that impede the development of production, indicating the ways for ensuring sustainable development of production and raising the incomes of agricultural organizations.

The economy of the Russian AIC as affected by agrarian reforms

Poshkus B.

The results of agrarian reforms in Russia have been analyzed, revealing the losses in domestic agriculture in the period of reforms and motivating the necessity of state support to agricultural commodity producers in accordance with experience of foreign countries.

Trends of development and mechanisms for interaction between large and small business in the agroindustrial complex

Arashukov V.

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