Auto transport service of the AIC in the Republic of Belarus

Yefimenko A.

The state of art in the market of auto transport services in the AIC of the Republic of Belarus has been analyzed. The theoretical-methodological basis for shaping efficient market of auto transport services in the AIC is developed. The conception for providing efficient function of that market is formulated. The model for optimizing the composition of cargo park is suggested.

Basic lines of innovative development in agriculture of a region

Khramtsov I., Koshelev B.

Modern state of scientific support in agriculture of Omsk oblast has been characterized, defining the priorities of innovative development in large scale commodity production and small scale sector.

Cost effect approach to analysis of commercial production activity of agricultural organizations

Govyadovskaya O.

The reasons of rising in economic costs of agricultural organizations have been disclosed both for plant industry and animal husbandry, presenting comparative statistical data and motivating the feasibility of long- term interaction of partners with agreement form of cooperation.

Development of regional food market in Ulyanovsk oblast

Akhmetshina L.

The article gives the appraisal of consumer' aspect in food market of Ulyanovsk oblast, analyzing the indicators of physical and economic availability of food stuffs and suggesting some measures to ensure solvent demand for low-income strata of society.

Effectiveness of technical equipment in grain production

Shugurov I.

Acute problems of technical re-equipping in grain subcomplex have been disclosed for the country as a whole and Kurgan oblast in particular. Suggested methods enable for raising optimal selection of acquired machinery. Presented results of research permit to determine optimal sowing aggregate for different agroclimatic zones of the region.

Effectiveness of using personnel potential in the AIC of Tatarstan

Sharipov S., Khafizova E., Kolpakov P., Kharisov G.

Personnel support for the AIC in the Republic of Tatarstan has been characterized, analyzing the efficiency of employed personnel potential. Also presented is the dynamics in employment of rural residents fit to work, suggesting some measures for fixation of skilled specialists in the countryside.

Evaluating the financial state of agroindustrial formations

Kolesnikov A.

The composition and structure of financial resources in agricultural organizations of Russia and Belgorod oblast have been studied to perform comparison of financial resources' structure in agricultural enterprises incorporated in agriholdings and those operating independently. The correlation of financial state of agricultural enterprises and indicators of their activity is analyzed.

Improve the system of hunting management

Kenigstul V., Yermakov A.

The state of hunting economy in Russia has been characterized, presenting the evaluation of existing system of management in that sphere of national economy. Main reasons of low management capability in the branch are revealed, motivating the feasibility of reorganization in hunting economy of the country.

Intermediate-term forecasting of agrifood market in the Russian Federation

Tarasov A.

Methodical approaches to intermediate term forecasting of the agrarian markets, and also modeling and program toolkit of the forecast are examined. The forecast on 2009 and 2012 is given; the forecast error is analyzed

Investment monitoring in agrarian regional policy

Zaruk N., Lapina M.

The role of such signs as investing attractiveness and investing activity has been shown for intensifying the development of agricultural productions in regions, disclosing the contents of these notions. Also presented are the main ideas of methods for evaluating the investment climate in agriculture and recommended ways for calculation of corresponding indicators.

Labor resources potential in rural areas of Tver oblast

Bagrov M.

The problems connected with dynamics of labor resources in rural areas of Tver region have been studied to perform scenario forecasting for short and long run, motivating the necessity of state support directed to reproduction of labor resources in agriculture.

Market of resources for the countryside under conditions of economic crisis

Alfer'ev V.

The state of art in the market of material-technical resources for agriculture has been studied under conditions of economic crisis. Proposed measures for recovery from crisis imply the improvements of economic regulation of market processes.

Nechaev V.I., Bershitsky Yu.I, Reznichenko S.M. Regional aspects of state regulation of agroindustrial production

Kot S.

Opportunistic behavior of hired workers and its effect on forms of management in agriculture

Uzun V.

The paper is focused on opportunistic behavior of hired workers, the specific features of opportunistic behavior in agriculture and the difficulties of its overcoming. The influence of opportunistic behavior on the forms and scale of business organization in agriculture is also considered.

Prices and pricing relations in the AIC

Borkhunov N.

The article gives retrospective analysis of existing crisis situation in agrarian sector of economy and other branches of the agroindustrial complex. The reasons of systemic crisis of 1992 are presented along with existing disparity of prices for AIC produces, offering particular suggestions to join price and finance channels of resources supplied to agricultural commodity producers.

Role of the state in management of agrotechnical sphere of economy

Demchenko A., Degtyarev N., Shevchenko A.

The directions, structures and mechanisms of State cover in progressive development of productive forces at branchial and interbranchial levels have been disclosed and estimated, defining priority blocks of missions to be solved for raising the role, significance and responsibility of state management structures in progressive development of agrotechnical sphere of the Russian economy.

Sheep farming: productive and economic potentials

Dyachenko I.

The state of art in sheep farming of Russia has been analyzed, attempting to evaluate real productive and economic potential of that subbranch. Available forerunners prove the opportunity for intensive development of that subbranch under condition of state support.

Strategic management of food market in Altai Krai

Gritsenko G., Vereshchagina V.

Methods of food market management in Altai krai have been considered, disclosing the main problems that impede the development of interregional commodity markets. Also covered are promising measures and programs on promotion agriproduces of Altai agricultural commodity producers to commodity markets in regions of Siberia, Far East and across Russia as a whole.

Technical-economic appraisal of double-target treatment in potato and beet root with production of biobutanol

Pashchenko A., Biryukov V., Tarasov V.

The opportunity of double-target treatment has been considered for processing potato and sugar beet to produce motor fuel - biobutanol by means of ABE fermentation and fodder for cattle. Economic appraisal of producing biobutanol from potato and sugar beet is also presented.

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