Combination of interests of public economy and farms of population in collective enterprises

Kopach V.

Considering the significance and contents of the notion economic interests and their combination, their effect on realization of different factors, the analysis has been performed upon results of economic activity in farms of population and agricultural enterprises, as well as conformity of interests of owners of these farms and agricultural enterprises as a whole.

Formation of food prices

Pakhomov A.

Stating low level of public food consumption and comparing price levels in the sphere of agriproduction and consumption of its produce,some measures have been proposed to remove price disparity in these spheres by the use of rational principles of price formation in agrarian sector.

Innovation activity in the AIC

Bautin V.

Considering organizational problems of agrarian science, some measures have been offered on its improving for successful realization of innovation activity in the AIC with motivation of necessity to ensure safeguarding the rights on intellectual property objects in the sphere of the AIC and improve innovation infrastructure.

Management apparatus and personnel of an agricultural enterprise

Geshel N.

Having theoretically substantiated the notion «management of personnel» and revealing the role of management personnel in development of agricultural enterprises, the author suggests the procedure for accounting costs, connected with keeping this personnel and the system of effective measures to raise labor motivation.

Organizational-economic factors of effectiveness in dairy production and sale

Rafikova N., Sadrieva R.

Specialization, concentration of production on the basis of intensification and raising cow productivity - essential factors of forming and functioning of effective clusters in dairy production. The example of farms in the Republic of Bashkortostan demonstrates that cost repaying is mainly determined by varying self-cost, rather than by price of realized produce. It also gives motivation of necessity to develop in fаrms programs for cutting production costs.

Personnel support to agriproduction of Russia

Kozlov A., Strelthov V.

Given analysis of leaders and specialists available in the AIC of Russia in 2000-2004 enables to estimate the level and determine the trend of varying quality indicators of personnel potential in the branch. It is suggested to strengthen personnel services of agricultural enterprises and raise the number of specialists trained in institutions of additional vocational education.

Priority development - to pig breeding

Sharnin V.

To ensure food security of Russia will be necessary to increase agriproduction, particularly pig breeding production scope. Stating the experience of work in the best pig breeding complexes, the Association of Russian pig meat producers «Rossvinprom» has suggested several measures on development of commercial pig breeding.

Rudai I. D. Parliamentarians on land and on peasants

Vermel D.

Self-cost and economic effectiveness of cattle meat production

Kiselev P.

The example of Nizhni Novgorod oblast has been used to analyze the dependency of economic effectiveness in fattening cattle on its duration and level of meat productivity of animals. The economic-mathematical model was suggested, optimizing main parameters of meat production.

Taxation of polluted agricultural lands

Vershinin V.

The shortages of legislation on usage and taxation of polluted agricultural lands have been considered, revealing the reasons of their appearance and offering proposals on improved system of privileged taxation of polluted lands that stimulates their reclamation.

Use of agricultural lands and other production factors in agrarian sphere

Isyanov R.

The results of analyzing land resources involved in production of agricultural produce, in combination with other factors, labor and capital have been stated for 1990-2002 on example of Smolensk oblast with motivation of proposals on improving the usage of agricultural lands and other factors of production.


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