Vermel D., Kuznetsova N., Tsypkin Yu. A., Lyukshinov A.N., Pakunina A.A.

Association of economic interaction "Central-Chernozem"

Fedorov G., Yakovleva Ye., Anisimov N.

The necessity of forming horizontal structures of management in socioeconomic development of regions has been motivated, formulating the suggestions on effective use of organizational potential of interregional associations of economic interaction.

Conception of technological modernization of agricultural production of Russia

Krasnoshchekov N., Mikhalev A., Yezhevsky A.

The necessity of technological modernization of agriproduction and application of intensive and high technologies has been motivated, stating the characteristics of machinery and tractor park required for duplicating the volume of agricultural produce and offering some measures on development of domestic machine-building industry.

Development of innovation processes in the AIC of Krasnodar krai

Nechaev V.

Innovation processes in the AIC of Krasnodar krai have been considered to determine priority lines of their development in the region, focusing the necessity of commercializing scientific activity and creating innovation ranges in particular enterprises of the AIC.

Effectiveness of subsidiary industries of agroenterprises

Moiseev V.

The experience of activity of agroindustrial subsidiary production in Gulkevichi district of Krasnodar krai has been described, showing the indices which prove the effectiveness and profitable work of collective farms.

External conditions and internal factors of raising agricultural effectiveness

Fedorova N.

Searching the ways for raising agricultural effectiveness is connected with analysis of internal and external medium of an agroenterprise. Given results of research show the reserves of effectiveness growth in the Republic of Mary-El.

Management of financial flows of agricultural enterprises

Rymanova L.

The results of analyzing financial flow variations of agricultural enterprises have been stated, motivating the methods for improving the provision of agricultural enterprises with financial resources, mainly by regulating prices of agricultural produce and performing mortgage operations.

Methodological basis for raising rental profits

Yefimova G.

Shaping state cooperative policy

Tkach A.

The role of cooperation in socioeconomic development of Russia has been shown to determine the aims and principles of shaping state policy with respect to cooperatives and to motivate the necessity of cooperation between the government and cooperative movement.

Status of agricultural commodity producer

Nizkov V.

Given analysis enables to determine the term «agricultural commodity producer» which was proposed as a criterion for recognizing an organization as agricultural one. Creating specific legal regime for agricultural commodity producer permits to attract investments into agrarian sector of economy.





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