Agroindustrial complex of Eurasian economic society

Yegorova Ye.

The state of art in agroindustrial complex of Eurasian economic society member-states has been analyzed, considering the problems of insuring food security in EurAzES. Presented national features of countries will be accounted for in the course of developing food security conception of the Society

Basic ideas of food security doctrine of the Russian Federation

Ushachev I.

Modem state of the Russian economy has been characterized from the viewpoint of providing staple food stuffs to the public. Presented indicators feature the share of domestic produce in total scope of food consumption and disclose basic aspects of the problem in Russia's food security. Main ideas of food security doctrine are stated, revealing its strategic aims and basic objectives. Given description shows food security criteria in the sphere of consumption, production, organization and management, employed in the course of doctrine development

Efficient systems of food security under conditions of globalization

Kruse H.

Evaluating sustainable development of poultry fanning holding

Perchatkina I.

Proposed improved method for evaluating financial stability of an enterprise allows for more precise evaluation of its level and formation of organizational-economic mechanism of its stable development

Finance as a factor of reproduction in agriculture


Financial situation of domestic agricultural commodity producers has been analyzed for 2002-2007, showing the changes in financial policy of the state in this period. The necessity of correcting the State program for development of agriculture is motivated in part of enlarging agrarian sector financing. A set of measures for short and medium run is recommended for raising agrarian economy stability

Improving the state regulation of investment activity in agriculture

Zvezdinov S.

Problems of regulating the investment activity in the AIC have been studied, considering the state of investments in agrarian complex of Krasnodar krai, the role and participation of state in this process.

Insuring food security under conditions of crisis

Kiselev S.

The effect of crisis phenomena on Russian and world food markets has been analyzed, considering the factors affecting price situation and offering some measures on preserving Russia's food security

Legal support for food security doctrine of the Russian Federation

Denisov V.

The necessity of developing normative-legal basis has been motivated for the purpose of legislative support for developing food security doctrine of the Russian Federation. Also shown are the main lines of law-creating activity in the Committee on agrarian issues of the State Duma on the given problem

Marketing as a method for perfecting the market of resources for the countryside

Alferiev V.

Specific features of marketing in material-technical resources for agriculture have been studied, considering its development factors, basic lines of introducing the methods of marketing into the system of resources supply to the countryside and its effectiveness for rural commodity producers

Mechanism for state support of agricultural commodity producers requires perfecting

Semin A., Maltsev N.

The dynamics of dairy production in agricultural organizations of Sverdlovsk oblast has been characterized for 1991-2007, analyzing basic problems of development in dairy cattle farming of the Middle Urals and presenting calculations of required state support level at various strategies of development in the branch

Regional aspects of insuring Russia's food security

Gorbunov G.

Specific features of ensuring food security have been analyzed as applicable to regional level. Disclosed system of indicators characterizes the opportunities of development and the state of agroindustrial production in the course of evaluating food security of particular region. Presented level of self sufficiency with food resources in regions characterizes their food dependency, motivating the necessity to develop a system of wholesale trade in the country

Reproduction: correlation between productivity and labor payment

Kosolapova М., Svobodin V.

The theory of correlation between growth rates of productivity and payment of labor has been studied, analyzing its influence on economic indicators of development in an enterprise. It motivates the feasibility of expanded reproduction with advanced labor payment as compared with labor productivity growth

Risk evaluation and scientific basis for food standards methods for their control

Antunorich В.

The articles by foreign authors describe a system of food security under conditions of globalization, creating uniform interbranchial systems for control of food safety and international food standards. Significant attention is attached to evaluating the risks that endanger human health

Science, technical progress and raising labor productivity in agriculture

Gasiev P., Basaev I.

The state of art in agriculture of the region has been analyzed, motivating priority ways of science and technical progress in the branch that allow for raising labor productivity

Staple food consumption in Kemerovo oblast

Vasfflev K.

Presented results of analyzing staple food consumption in Kemerovo oblast demonstrate the dependency between purchasing power of public and consumption level. The opportunity of self sufficiency of the region with agricultural produce has been analyzed

State support of the countryside in context of price parity

Gnidkin A.

The necessity of increasing the scope of state support in the countryside and raising its quality to ensure competitiveness of domestic agriproduce has been motivated. The influence of price disparity in agriculture on effectiveness of the branch is determined. The feasibility of optimizing the mechanisms for state support of agriproduction is argumented under conditions of deepening price disparity, as well as shaping parity price formation under intrabranchial exchange of agriproduce.

Tarasov N.G., Skal'naya M.M. Incomes of rural population and their regulation

Pankov B.

The implementation of the pnonty national project "The development of the AIC" and the Program for development of agriculture in the Republic of North Osetia-Alania

Dzagoeva I., Gasieva Z.

The results of implementing the priority national project «The development of the AIC» in the Republic of North Osetia-Alania have been considered, indicating the problems that impede the process of dynamic development in regional agriproduction and denoting measures directed to fulfill the five-year program for development of agriculture for the period of 2008-2012

The process of introducing the standards by Codex Alimentarius Committee and its role in international food trade

Kenni M.

Ways for raising profit and profitability in dairy cattle farming of Leningrad oblast

Surovtsev V.

Factors for raising the level of profitability and profit in dairy cattle farming of agricultural organizations of Leningrad oblast have been analyzed, focusing on evaluation of influence on given indicators of innovation extension rates, shaping regional branch cluster and development of information support system for its participants




Обоснована целесообразность создания интегрированных агропромышленных формирований, показаны их преимущества. Доказано, что повышение уровня концентрации, специализация и кооперирование сельскохозяйственного и промышленного производства способствуют более эффективному использованию трудовых, материальных и финансовых ресурсов.The feasibility of creating integrated agroindustrial formations has been motivated, demonstrating their advantages. It proves that raising the level of concentration, specialization and cooperation of agricultural and industrial production enables more efficient use of labor, material and technical resources



Охарактеризовано состояние зернового производства в субъектах Приволжского федерального округа. Обоснован экономико-статистический способ оценки использования пашни как укрупненный метод определения эффективности землеотдачи при производстве зерна. Даны предложения по повышению эффективности зернопроизводстваThe state of grain production in subjects of Privolzhsky federal district has been characterized, substantiating the economic and statistical method for evaluating plowed land usage as an extended method for determining plowed land usage efficiency during grain production. Given recommendations will raise grain production efficiency

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