Agrarian marketing within the system of economy

Avarsky N.D., Overchuk L.

The article defines basic agrarian marketing, analyzing the experience of agricultural marketing activity, its role in effective management.

Basic lines of state support in small entrepreneurs

Gritsenko G.

The analysis of conditions of management in enterprises of small entrepreneurship has been given, proving the necessity of organizing a special state service responsible for development of small entrepreneurship in the countryside. Measures of budget support of that sector of economy were motivated, suggesting the organizational structure of management of that sphere.

Does Russia need cattle farmers?

Uzun V.

The study presents the analysis of tendencies of cattle breeding, reveals the reasons of crisis in this industry. Measures to overcome the crisis are offered and the necessity of wide-spread development of cattle-breeding farms is proved.

Dynamics of stability in agricultural Production

Frolova L.

The dynamics of variance and stability of agricultural production in Krasnodar krai has been considered, motivating the necessity of using the achievements of science and technological progress, advanced technologies, nature-protecting measures, as well as rigid state regulation.

Ecologo-economic implications of widening sunflower crops

Lysenko Ye.

The situation on widening sunflower crop areas within the structure of farm crop production has been analyzed, revealing the trend to simultaneous drop in gross output of sunflower seeds and its crop yield. The

Financial-crediting mechanism of development in the AIC of Russia

Maslova V.

The situation at the agroindustrial market of Russia and financial state of agricultural commodity producers has been analyzed, giving basic lines of state support of agrarian sector, new rules of subsidizing the AIC, demonstrating the activity of stateowned specialized agricultural bank ОАО «Rossselkhozbank»

Innovation activity of food industry enterprises

Seregin S.N., Makarov D., Sadyrov U.

Investment activity across branches of food and processing industry of Russia has been considered, analyzing the sources of financing in given sector of economy, contribution of companies and holdings, motivating the necessity of incentives for capital investment while developing the branch.

Management of innovation processes in farmlands

Polbitsyn S.

The article discloses the role of innovation development, which serves the alternative to existing state of the agroindustrial complex. It proves the dependency of innovation activity results in agroindustrial systems on the organization of that work at municipal level. It also reveals the contents in aspects of innovation actions of municipal authorities.

Nechaev v.I., Rysmetova A.Z., Trubilin A.I., Kochkolda LA. Organization of production at enterprises of the AIC with basic entrepreneurship activity

Khoroshevsky D.

New approaches to agrarian policy needed

Ushachev I.

The necessity of developing new approaches to long-run agrarian policy has been motivated to promote dynamic progress of agrarian sector. Conceptual ideas for underpinning by agrarian science were described, enumerating and decoding priority lines of the new agrarian policy.

Problems of international cooperation in agrarian sector of the Far East

Shelepa A.

Feasibility of cooperation with countries of Asia-Pacific region has been motivated aiming at stabilization and development of economy of the Far East. Ways of using foreign labor were shown, proving the necessity of regulating that process by the state to enable the rise in effectiveness of cooperation.

Stability of grain crop yields in Russia

Balandin I., Galkina V.

The variance of grain crop yield in Russia in 1951-2000 has been calculated by the use of regression equation and variation indicators for a number of deflections. The probability of poor harvest and the value of deflections from the trend were determined. Short-run forecast of grain crop yield in Russia was developed by the use of linear dependency.

Structure of land use in Russian agrarian economy

Garankin G.

The structure of lands of the Russian Federation has been analyzed, including those of agricultural purpose, across the subjects of ownership. It shows in what way are the rights of land users at present conditions distributed among different agricultural commodity producers.

System of agrarian practical business-education

Korotnev V.

The system of personnel provision to agriculture has been considered, offering developed model of practical business-education for that branch and suggesting a system of measures aimed at raising the quality of specialists trained for agriculture.





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