Behavior of agricultural enterprise leaders under conditions of transition economy

Dolgov G.

The role of agricultural enterprise leader under conditions of market economy has been studied on the basis of data obtained from questionnaire and expert inquiry of agricultural enterprise leaders in Volgograd oblast, analyzing their behavior and its motives under new conditions of management, denoting the reasons that impede the adaptation of leaders to market requirements.

Belousov V.I., Belousov A.V., Vostroilov A.V., Shevchenko V.E. Sustainable development of rural territories: theory and practice

Demchenko A., Yakovleva T.

Development of strategic management at enterprises of the AIC

Gritsenko M., Borisova O.

Retrospective analysis of developing the theory of strategic management has been given, presenting its notions, purposes and missions. The example of ОАО «Aleiskzernoproduct» is used to motivate the effectiveness of strategic management.

Discriminate analysis in diagnostics of financial state of agricultural organizations for the purpose of debt restructurization

Patlasov O.

Proposed six-factor discriminated models for diagnostics of bankruptcy of agricultural enterprises have been constructed on the data of annual book-keeping accounts of agricultural enterprises in Omsk oblast. Discriminated models were set up in cross-section of four natural-economic zones of the region.

Formation of innovative system in the AIC

Maslenkov I.

Basic lines of innovative policy implementation, structural pattern ofAIC innovative system have been considered, offering perspective element ofAIC innovative system technological cluster. Basic measures of state support of innovative system were formulated, including those measures which provide the inflow of extra budget means at all phases of innovative process.

Implementation of the national project "The development of the AIC" in Oryol oblast

Serov V.

. The significance of developing the agroindustrial complex of Oryol oblast has been stated, presenting particular examples of implementation of the national project «The development of the AIC» and motivating the role of AIC management organs of all levels in shaping smaller business infrastructure.

Institutions within the system of agrarian land usage

Kresnikova N.

Various kinds of institutional devices within the system of agrarian land usage have been considered, enlightening basic problems of land usage institutions, including land legislation.

Insurance protection of land resources in the Russian Federation

Kurbatov A., Chukanova Ye.

The description of complex system for insurance of land plots has been given, indicating particular risks which appear in the course of land usage

Large and small farms of agribusiness: advantages and sustainability of development

Buzdalov I.N.

Presented retrospective analysis shows the advantages of large and small economic subjects in agrarian sector. The notion of production size, its sustainability has been given to motivate the prospects of development in smaller farms of agribusiness

Organization of procurement interventions at regional gram market

Kundius V., Shershnev O.

The example of grain economy in Altai region has been used to study the organization of procurement interventions at regional grain market, denoting available shortages and motivating the lines of raising the effectiveness of procurement interventions and ensuring sustainable functioning of grain market.

Raising the competitiveness hi enterprises of the AIC

Khabazina L.

The process of concentrating the production on expenses of merging and absorption of smaller enterprises of processing industry has been shown, motivating the effectiveness of concentrating the production, raising the competitiveness of produced goods.

Simulative modeling of cash flow at agricultural enterprises

Chistyakov N.

The simulation model of a payment calendar as basic tool of operational planning of cash flow of the firm for the short period of time is described. The basic results of simulating experiment with the suggested model are listed, allowing as much as possible to synchronize positive and negative cashflow, and also to support the planned level of solvency.

Variety as a factor of raising winter wheat gram quality

Moiseev V.

The definition of quality of produce, the significance of variety exchange for raising the quality of winter wheat grain has been stated on example of studies in Krasnodar research institute of agriculture named after P.P.Lukyanenko, presenting the evaluation of grain quality and its effectiveness as dependent on the variety.



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