Agrarian policy of the EU and its influence on international trade

Zimnin S.

General aims and principles for the implementation of Common agrarian policy in the Eurounion have been stated, analyzing the efficiency of support in agriculture and describing concrete measures taken in the EU to protect the agrarian sector. The mechanism of control over food import and export was also explained.

Budget support of agriculture

Poshkus B.

Two sources of financial support of agriculture have been analyzed: on expenses of higher prices for rawstuffs and food, as well as on expenses of tax payers. Four main lines in budget support of the branch were described, along with practical experience of developed countries in the world, including the EU in this branch. The necessity of reviving the budget support to the countryside was motivated, indicating its level.

Establishing of commercial infrastructure in the AIC of Russia

Timofeeva G.

The processes of formation in commercial infrastructure of the Russian AIC have been considered to define its contents, functions and main subjects. The necessity of state support of positive processes in the sphere of commercial infrastructure was motivated.

Estimate of efficiency and potential of an agricultural enterprise

Shafronov A.

Principally new treatment of efficiency of an agricultural enterprise under conditions of market has been stated, developing summary indicator of efficiency and offering a method for analyzing the production-economic potential of an agricultural enterprise.

I. Buzdalov. Agrarian theory: basic concepts, development trends, modern notions

Mindrin A.S.

Improving the agroindustrial complex management

Baklazhenko G., Smirnova L.

The necessity of correcting the administrative reform in the AIC has been motivated, suggesting to revive the state vertical of management till the level of raion. Models of management in agriculture of a raion were given. Measures for raising the efficiency of state control were considered.

Infrastructure of chemicalization in agriculture

Pavlova G.

Given analysis deals with chemicalization status in agriculture of Russia, functioning bodies in agrochemical services of agrarian production. It shows the emergence of principles for creating the market of chemicalization means, enlightening the activity of largest companies which unite into a single system the excavating industry, production, transport, storage and sale of mineral fertilizers. The necessity of urgent assistance on the part of the state to rural commodity producers, support of agrarian sector of economy was motivated.

Investment processes in agriculture

Lyakisheva I., Shutkov S.

The notion and economic essence of investments have been stated, giving priority lines of investment activity. The structure of investments was shown, motivating the necessity of state support of projects, especially those directed to reproduction of material-technical resources.

Investment solutions in an agricultural enterprise

Koshelev V.

Several approaches to economic-mathematical modeling have been described for analyzing the effectiveness of investment projects. These prove that optimal state of the system during situations «with project» and «without project» can have juxtaposition, and their application is methodologically proved. Given example demonstrates the implementation of this methodological approach to evaluation of investment project on particular object.

Outsourcing as a factor of raising the effectiveness of agroindustrial formations

Grudkin A., Grudkina T.

The effectiveness of using on the practice large functioning agroindustrial formations of outsourcing model for business organization, i. e. transferring some functions or processes to outside intermediaries. The advantages of this approach were demonstrated in view of raising the competitiveness of enterprises. Examples of choosing managerial solutions were given in three scenarios of production organization, including that by means of outsourcing.

Quantitative estimate of state regulation level in agriculture

Kondratieva I.

Quantitative estimate of state regulation level in agricultural production has been offered, stating its basic notions. Given methods for calculating the coefficients might be used for solution of problems. The analysis of state regulation level in agriculture was performed on example of Kurgan oblast.

Sources of means for state regulation of AIC development

Lemeshev M.

The author rejects the pervasive myth about «stagnation» of soviet economy, analyzing comparable data of economic growth in the USSR and foreign countries, disclosing the reasons of destructive policy of «denationalization» and offering real sources of state-owned means for the support of the AIC of Russia.




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