Bogdanovsky V.A. Factors of labor productivity in agriculture

Pankov B.

Crediting cooperation in countries of Western Europe

Tseiko V., Burlakova S.

The article presents the experience of developing crediting cooperation in countries of Western Europe. It gives the analysis of working in cooperative banks, presenting the principles and efficiency in activity of crediting cooperation. Detailed presentation is given to general principles of profit distribution in crediting cooperatives, disclosing specific features of profit distribution in various countries, control over the activity of crediting cooperatives.

Developing agrarian entrepreneurship within the system of regional AIC

Alekseeva N., Terekhova A.

Specific features in development of agrarian entrepreneurship in Stavropol region have been presented, demonstrating the trends of functioning in agricultural production in Stavropol krai with account for development of productive entrepreneur sector. The dynamics of production in basic farm crops is analyzed

Effectiveness of budgetary financing in agricultural production of the region

Stadnik A., Shelkovnikov S., Tseluiko I., Krohta A.

The results of analysis in budgetary financing of agricultural production of Novosibirsk oblast have been shown, determining required scope of financing that ensures production profitability.

Exchange and accumulation in agricultural organizations with different profitability

Rodionova O., Borkhunov N.

On the basis of many-year research, the authors of the article analyze the production and primary distribution of profit in agricultural organizations with different level of profitability. Existing trends have been evaluated, offering suggestions on further perfection in exchange of AIC produces.

Methodical approaches to evaluation of solvent demand for agricultural implements

Tyu L., Popova L., Shapovalov D.

Proposed methods for underpinning solvent demand of agricultural commodity producers for agricultural implements allow for making respective forecast.

Minimizing production risks of agricultural commodity producers

Bedovaya L., Eldieva T.

The state of art in agriproduction of Novgorod oblast has been analyzed, demonstrating the action of factors that cause the appearance of risks in agrarian sphere. The damage in the branch due to unfavorable weather conditions is characterized, showing the measures adopted in the region with the aim of cutting the losses of agricultural commodity producers.

Raising the competitiveness of Russian agriproduces

Chekalin V.

Several competitiveness indices of Russian agricultural products at the world market have been given, presenting the information on producers' price levels in several kinds of agricultural products and government support in various countries. Main lines for raising the competitiveness of agrarian produces are formulated.

Raw stuff basis of brewing industry in Russia

Magomedov A-N., Prolygina N., Osipov A., Kamilova Z.

The state of art in raw stuff basis of brewing industry in Russia has been studied, analyzing the dynamics of barley and hop production, lines of working of foreign and domestic producers of beer on perfection of variety composition and quality of raw stuffs, competition at the market of beer.

Results of intellectual activity: author's rights and interests

Bautin V., Kostin V.

Performed analysis deals with norms of patent legislation and right application practice, which regulate the relations between the author of invention (inventor) and patent holder in the course of protecting and using the results of intellectual activity. Proposed measures will enhance the protection of author's rights on result of his creative work.

Specific features of banking service to agricultural organizations

Khitskov A.

The significance of banking service of agricultural enterprises for development of the branch has been shown, analyzing the structure of banking institutions that service agricultural enterprises in districts of Voronezh oblast. Operating system of crediting the agricultural enterprises has been studied to give its evaluation.

State regulation of crediting system in agriculture

Yunyaeva R.

The goals, tools and basic mechanisms of functioning in crediting system for agriculture have been described, considering the operating structure of state regulation and existing legal-standard basis in that sphere. An organizational mode is proposed for state regulation of agricultural crediting system in the framework of target-program approach.

Sustainable development of rural areas - as the most important goal of the state agrifood policy of the Russian Federation

Skrynnik Ye.

Specific features of modern state socioeconomic policy of Russia in the countryside have been shown, evaluating financial-economic state of agricultural branch in 2008. Presented indices in social development of the countryside denote positive changes and reveal unsolved problems. The necessity of elaborating the Conception for sustainable development of rural areas in the Russian Federation is motivated, presenting basic ideas of the Draft conception elaborated by the Ministry of agriculture of Russia.

Systemic-reproductive approach - as a basis of socioeconomic research

Kosolapova M., Svobodin V.

The essence of systemic-reproductive approach and its usage in socioeconomic investigations has been stated, considering the socioeconomic system and its functional and organizational-managerial subsystems. This motivates the necessity of studying the process of reproduction, not in the organization as a whole, but applicable to each particular subsystem.


Приведены основные показатели развития агропромышленного комплекса России за 9 месяцев 2009 г. Представлены результаты производства основных видов продукции растениеводства и животноводства. Содержится информация о материально-технических ресурсах сельскохозяйственной отрасли.Basic indices in development of the agroindustrial complex of Russia for nine months of 2009 have been given, presenting the results of production in main kinds of goods in plant industry and animal husbandry. Available information shows material-technical resources of agricultural branch.



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