Agrarian science: summary and new tasks

Romanenko G.

Brief reviewing the activity of scientific institutions in Rossel'khozacademy has been performed, focusing on the largest achievements in plant industry, animal husbandry and breeding. This shows the role of agricultural science in ensuring food security of the country.

Basic lines for recovering potato production of Russia from crisis

Tulcheev V.

The necessity of radical structural refurbishing in domestic potato product subcomplex of the AIC has been motivated, putting forward the main indicators of efficiency in the new system of sales promotion for agricultural commodity producers, population and state.

Development of beef cattle farming in Brazil

Shelamova N.

The state of art in beef cattle farming of Brazil has been characterized: production scope, cattle number, farm types, fodder basis. Presented indicators show the competitiveness of Brazilian beef at the world market.

Effect of capital turnover on efficiency of agroindustrial production

Safin U.

The efficiency of using circulation means in agroindustrial enterprises has been analyzed on example of entities in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Given recommendations will accelerate the turnover of circulation means in agricultural enterprises with different specialization.

Evaluating food security of a region

Dotsenko D.

The results of analyzing food security in Kaluga oblast have been stated, revealing main threats to that and offering certain recommendations on improvement of the situation in the region.

Evaluating the competitiveness of peasants' (farmers') economy in a region

Govyadovskaya О.

The article contains the experience of establishment and development of peasants' (farmers') economy in the Southern federal district. It presents the dynamics of production in entities of that category, the structure of material costs in plant industry and animal husbandry, disclosing the reasons and offering the suggestions on stimulation of development in farmer movement on the basis of questionnaire investigation performed by the author.

Improving the organizational-economic relations in agroindustrial production

Vinnichek L., Melnik N.

The factors influencing organizational-economic relations in agroindustrial complex have been considered, disclosing the degree of influence from each factor and giving their characteristic.

Management of information risks in economic systems

Izvozchikova V.

It has been suggested to isolate informational risks into a separate category of economic risks, which permits to perform their analysis and minimization. Authors explanation of the notion «informational risk» is formulated, determining basic factors of informational risks. Reasons of informational risks are disclosed, offering some methods for influencing their factors.

Methodical basis for the organization of labor payment in agriculture

Linevich А.

Methodical basis for the organization of labor payment in different agricultural formations has been stated, presenting initial ideas for development of tariff system. This shows the mechanisms of basic and supplementary payment of labor, connection of wages with labor participation of worker. Brief characteristic is given to certain factors that predetermine the functioning and development of labor payment systems.

Models for cadastre value of agricultural land

Mazurkin P., Mikhailova S.

Presented models determine statistical regularities in shaping cadastre values of agricultural land on example of land in the Republic of Mari-El. Also considered is the influence of various physical-technological factors on the value of rental income, cadastre value of agricultural land.

Monitoring of technological operations and forecast of cropping power

Glazunov V., Polulyakh Yu., Adadimova L.

The diagram shows a module for evaluating technological operations. This substantiates the coefficients of influence from various factors on cropping power of farm crops, disclosing the principles and mechanism of forecast in sunflower seed cropping power.

Organizational-economic basis for development of agricultural consulting system

Demishkevich G.

The need of consulting services at the modern stage of development in the AIC has been motivated, considering the organizational-economic basis for development of agricultural consulting system in Russia that includes legal standards, organization, personnel, finance and resources support. Proposed measures will facilitate the establishment of consulting organizations and formation of consulting stuff potential.

Raising investment attractiveness of rural areas

Dordzhieva О.

The article presents some measures implemented in the Republic of Kalmykia on shaping favorable investment climate. It focuses on the role of republican investment programs and leasing company money. Certain proposals are given for raising the investment attractiveness in agriculture of the Republic.

Role of agrarian science in providing for food security of Russia

Ushachev I.

The problem of food security in Russia has been studied in various aspects. Presented data show the level of food consumption by population of the country, results of implementing the state program for development of agriculture. The analysis of problems, opportunities and trends in basic branches of the AIC is performed from the standpoint of scientifically ensuring food security of the country. Brief characteristic is given to required economic conditions for ensuring food security.

Tax burden as an indicator for realization of regulating tax function

Nechaev V., Tyupakova N., Bocharova О., Khatuov D.

Methodological definition of the indicator «ax burden» has been considered, motivating the necessity of its specification in view of tax system perfection and suggesting a method for calculating fiscal and real tax load of managing subjects with account of payment sources and tax influence on financial results.

Ushachev I.G., Kenikstul V.I., Sednev V.F., Konstantinovich V.А., Miklyaeva V.N. Improving the system of management in the agroindustrial complex of the Russian Federation

Baklazhenko G.

Using labor resources in the AIC of the North Caucasus

Goncharov V., Koteev S.

Labor resources of North Caucasus regions in agriculture, food and processing industry, trade and public catering have been analyzed to give recommendations on developing definite lines of activity, which will enable the growth of employment for active population. Scientifically founded conclusions envisage that in the course of increasing the production in agrarian sector of economy and developing the market infrastructure, the requirement of labor resources in the North Caucasus will grow, respectively will be insured their rational usage.


Приведены основные показатели развития агропромышленного комплекса России в первом полугодии 2009 г. Представлены результаты производства основных видов продукции растениеводства и животноводства. Содержится информация о материально-технических ресурсах сельского хозяйства.Main indicators of development in agroindustrial complex of Russia in the first half of 2009 have been stated, presenting the results of production in basic goods of plant industry and animal husbandry, as well as the information on material-technical resources of agricultural branch.

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