Budget support of farm crop insurance

Nikitin A.

Methods for determining budgetary aid have been analyzed that allow for more rational planning of expenditures to support farm crop insurance in budgets of various levels. Main points were described in approach connected with determining financially secure agricultural enterprises and subsequent estimate accordingly the potential size of insurance premium and state support from federal and regional budgets.

Evaluating the capitalization of an agricultural enterprise

Rysmyatov A., Naboka A., Moiseev V.

The necessity of conducting monitoring of capitalization level (value of business) in agrarian enterprises has been motivated, analyzing employed methods of determining market value of agricultural enterprises, disclosing their shortages, and offering suggestions for perfection.

Ladatko O.V., Nechaev V.I., Kharitonov Ye.M, Trubilin A.I., Chuikin P.V. Intellectual property from A till Я

Sandu I.

Large agribusiness in the AIC: modern forms and effectiveness

Rodionova O., Borkhunov N.

General organization and management pattern of Russian agriholdings have been stated; attempting though approximately to determine their number, effectiveness of functioning. The necessity of thorough investigation of agriholding structures was motivated, so as to have trustworthy information on the state of the art in this segment of agrarian sector of the country.

Marketing methods of providing resources to agriculture

Alferyev V.

High significance of marketing activity has been shown for perfection of market relations when delivering machines and resources to agrarian sector. The most important methods of marketing were stated, aimed to raise the solvent demand of rural consumers, cut prices at the market of machinery, and organize effective dealers' service of agricultural machines.

Organization-economic relations in the innovation sphere of the AIC

Muraya L.

Organization-economic relations have been considered in the sphere of creating, implementing and propagating innovations in agrarian sector. The two basic lines in development of organizational relation were characterized: integration processes between agrarian science and production and formation of innovation infrastructure. The necessity of state support was motivated in the innovations which are most significant for effective functioning of the AIC, as well as high risk stages of implementing innovation projects. Developing managerial relations is connected with elaborating a special for the AIC scientific-technical and innovation policy, creating targeted organizational structures.

Organization of seed production in grain crops

Bondarenko V.

The analysis of modern state of seed production in Russia has been given, offering basic lines for perfection of seed production system in grain crops on the basis of licensing the activity in given kind of seed certification, state regulation of domestic seed production.

Priority national project: outlook from a region

Semin A.

The regional estimate gives specific features of implementing the priority national project «Development of the AIC» in Urals federal district. Main innovation-investment lines were designated for perfection of basic spheres of the AIC. The national project is considered as a factor which allows getting synergy effect in rural territories.

Raise investment attractiveness of agriculture

Gordeev A.

A short review gives the state of domestic agriculture on results of 2005. It has been motivated under conditions of market economy to pursue state agrifood policy aimed for stimulating the production of agricultural produce. Basic lines of priority national project «Development of the AIC» were stated and characterized.

Regulating mutual relations of the state and agricultural producers

Eldieva T.

Main aspects of state agrarian policy have been analyzed, determining its principles and mechanisms of its implementation, and considering priority lines in regulating relations between agricultural producers and organs of state power.

Socioeconomic development of Belarusian countryside

Skakun A.

Main points and missions stated in the program are aimed to improve socioeconomic development of rural territory in the Republic of Belarus. Considered in detail are program complex measures in social and productive spheres; denoting control indicators, which are to be achieved according to plans at 2010.

State regulation of agrarian market in the Ukraine

Sabluk P.

The results of reforming agricultural economics of the Ukraine have been analyzed, giving the characteristic of the present state in the branch, focusing at those lines of agrarian policy, which are indispensable for the growth of agricultural production, effective development in agrarian sector of the country.

Strategy of development in rural territories on the basis of diversifying the agricultural production

Gritsenko G.

Economic feasibility has been motivated to introduce into activity of an agricultural enterprise alternative kinds of business, based on perspective planning- selecting indicators and a strategy of their achievement. It proves the perspective of determining at the level of rural administrative raion the strategy of territory development, which accounts for maximum use of local recreation, labor, and material-technical resources. Especially focused is the necessity of budgetary support for state programs of development of the AIC.

Sustainable development of agrifood sector: basic lines and problems

Ushachev I.

Main reasons have been considered, not permitting Russia to reach sustainable development of agrarian sector as a whole and the AIC in particular, motivating the necessity to elaborate state strategy for the development of the agroindustrial complex. Promising lines of sustainable economic growth in the branch were analyzed.

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