Agrarian education system as a factor of development of the AIC

Zelepugin A.

The existing system of Russian agrarian education has been analyzed, estimating its modern structure and contents, suggesting several measures for raising the quality of agrarian education in the country.

Crediting cooperation of the Southern federal district

Panayedova G.

. The analysis of establishing rural crediting cooperation in Southern federal district has been given, demonstrating its development perspective and defining some measures on improving the work of crediting cooperatives.

Development of competitive medium in regional market of grain and bread products

Moskalev M., Solopov V.

The problems of creating and maintaining competitive medium on regional markets of grain and bread products have been considered on example of Tambov oblast, showing specific features in mechanisms of competition and monopolization of markets, formulating several suggestions on raising the level of their competitiveness, required to ensure expanded reproduction in agrifood economy.

Estimating resource intensity of dairy cattle farming enterprises

Borisenko Ya.

An improved mechanism for estimating resource intensity of enterprises specialized in milk production has been shown on example of Chelyabinsk oblast, offering a method for finding a common criterion for estimating resource intensity.

Formation of state reserve of grain

Letunov I., Britvina T.

Organizational-economic mechanism of forming state reserve of grain in Vologda oblast has been disclosed, stating the procedure of performing commodity interventions by the use of this reserve and issuing commodity credits.

Grishaeva L.V. Agricultural markets: Training aid

Bryansky D., Kuznetsova N.

Improve the taxation of agricultural commodity producers

Dyachenko N.

The analysis of taxation system for agricultural commodity producers has been given, motivating the necessity of protecting their interests at the state level.

Intraeconomic cooperation - as a general direction of raising agricultural production concentration

Popov Yu., Pavlov A., Aleksandrov A.

Given analysis of cattle concentration in agricultural enterprises of South-Eastern zone of Chuvash Republic permits to disclose reserves for raising production effectiveness on the basis of intraeconomic cooperation. Suggested method enables to determine procuring prices on fodder and cattle young stock supplied to intraeconomic enterprise,as well as distribution of profit among participants of cooperative association.

Metodological aspects of forecasting and planning

Bedanokov M.K.

Methodological aspects of forecasting and planning in agri production have been considered, revealing their essence under modern conditions, offering a model of regulation in agriculture and management of the branch on the basis of forecasting and planning.

Monitoring of peasants' (farmers') adaptation to market medium

Stukach V., Kovalenko Ye.

A method for conjuncture questionnaires has been offered, enabling to reveal qualitative indicators of development in agricultural enterprises. The results of such surveillance were stated across peasants' (farmers') economic entities in Omsk oblast.

Socioeconomic development of the agroindustrial complex of Belgorod oblastis

Savchenko Ye.

Stating the success in development of the AlC and social sphere of Belgorod oblast, there are ways denoting the growth of agriproduction and improvement of social infrastructure of the region.

System of agriculture - as a basis for stabilization of grain production on the Kuban

Trubilin I., Malyuga N., Vasilko V., Kravchenko V.

The experience of farmers on Kuban has been analyzed, offering technological patterns of soil tillage for crop sowing and using balanced agrisystems.

Whether the accession to the WTO willbe profitable for Russia?

Shutkov A., Tarasov V.

Possible implications of Russia's accession to the WTO have been considered, suggesting some measures of support to domestic agricultural commodity producers.

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