Agrarian economic science - to production

Klyukach V.

The results of scientific activity have been summarized as performed in 2007 by institutions included in the Section of economics and land relations of the Rossel'khozacademy. These results include 11 tasks of the problem 01, performed in accordance with the program of fundamental and applied research on scientific support of developing the domestic AIC.

Agrarian scientists have summarized the results of research

Romanenko G.

The short review shows the most significant completed research in the institutions of the Rossel'khozacademy. Wide characteristic has been given to the state of art and prospects of research in breeding and pedigree work. The achievements of agrarian science were revealed in the field of nano- and biotechnological research. Given information demonstrate the participation of scientific institutions of the Rossel'khozacademy in the international scientific and technical cooperation.

Common features of tax policy in agriculture ofLeigncountries

Paptsov A.

The taxation system in agriculture of foreign countries has been studied, denoting that taxation systems of developed countries include no special taxes applicable to incomes of subjects in agricultural production. Lion share of tax revenues from the branch comprise the income tax and land tax, which as a rule serves the tax of local significance. The distinct feature of taxation in agriculture of foreign countries is taxing favoritism with respect to farmers, which is manifested in establishing significant privileges.

Develop the production of animal husbandry

Tseeva M.

The setting trends of development of stock-breading complex of Kabardino-Balkarian republic has been analyzed as well as the influence of national project on the given complex. The ways of solving of more important tasks have been based, showing the branch prospects.

Effectiveness of using basic production funds in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Samsonova I., Kurganova I.

The problems of the countryside development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) have been studied, analyzing the state of art in basic funds, levels of their renewing and discarding. The necessity of intensifying the usage of active part in basic funds was stressed, raising the level ofJund provision.

Formation of agroindustrial clusters hi Russia

Romanov A., Arashukov V.

The formations of cluster type have been characterized on examples of creating potential regional and local clusters in agroindustrial production 9of Kaliningrad, Belgorod oblast and Krasnodar krai). These notify distinct signs and specific features in clusters and integrated formations, agriholdings in particular. These show that wider dissemination of cluster technologies require essential changes in financial-economic situation for major subjects of the agribusiness and agricultural enterprises.

Improving the mechanism of dairy produce subsidizing

Litvmova Ye., Dubrovina Z.

The analysis of granting subsidies to producers of milk and dairy products in Magadan oblast has been performed, stating the mechanism of subsidizing the agricultural commodity producers for production of milk not only per one ruble of realized produce, but also per one milking cow, reared in the course of the year, both in monetary and conventional calculation. The three variants of subsidizing the production of milk were suggested.

Innovative fodder production: problems and ways for solution

Ternovykh К., Dubovskoi I.

A short characteristic has been given to the state of art in fodder production, disclosing its negative tendencies. Specific features of innovative activity in agriculture, particularly in fodder production were studied, enumerating strategic problems of shaping the innovative system of fodder production and marking basic ways of concentrating investment resources to these aims. Main positions of the program were stated on creating the regional system of fodder production.

Intensification of plant growing: lines and appraisal of efficiency

Ashkhotov Z.

Basic lines of intensifying grain seed production in field farming on soils with different types have been stated, revealing the influence of main and additional costs on effectiveness of production and motivating the necessity of differentiated approach to appraisal of effectiveness in the intensification while performing the branch operation under various agroclimatic conditions.

Issues of operational management in a sector

Bakulina G., Biryukov M.

The state of animal husbandry branch and lines for realization of priority national project «The development of the AIC» under conditions of the Ryazan oblast have been considered, evaluating the structure of farms, producers of agricultural commodities and their role in development of animal husbandry. This generalized motivating the necessity of accounting to the formation of effective and competitive production.

Lines of sustainable development of agricultural commodity producers in the Republic of Tatarstan

Sharipov S., Gainutdinov I.

The reasons of financial instability in development of the organizations of agrarian and industrial complex of Republic Tatarstan are analysed and scientifically-proved directions of steady development of agricultural commodity producers are offered, recommending to adopt a number of federal laws that ensure the stabilization and development of agrarian sector of the economy.

Long-term strategy for socioeconormc development of the region needed

Denisov V., Asmus О.

The problems of accelerated development in «typical» Russian regions have been considered, presenting the indicators of socioeconomic development in Ul'yanovsk oblast and stating the mechanisms for implementing the programs of accelerated development in the oblast.

Methodological aspects in the analysis ofworkingcapitalandworkingmeansinthefoodindustry

Avarsky N.D., Nechaev V.I., Gerasimova L.N., Reznichenko S.M.

Scientific support of the State program for development of agriculture

Ushachev I.

Basic lines of functioning in the branch in the forthcoming five years have been stated in the light of the State program for development of agriculture and regulation of markets on agricultural produces, raw stuffs and food. The characteristic of tasks of agrarian science was given on scientific support of the program, regulation of agrifood market and development of its infrastructure. Given variants forecast the development of the AlC for the long run, enumerating priority organizational measures on scientific support of the State program.

The program "Urals countryside": aims, problems and mechanisms of realization

Semin A.

A short characteristic has been given to the state of art of rural territories in Sverdlovsk oblast both in demographic and in social plane. The concept and main positions were stated in the complex program for socioeconomic development of municipal formations in the period up to 2015 under the name «Urals countryside», enumerating priority goals of the program and basic lines of their implementation.

Рпсе disparity and regulation of interbranchial relations

Borkhunov N., Veremeyuk Т.

The theory of economic relations between agriculture and other branches of national economy has been stated, giving the reasons for violating parity relations among branches. The example of the Republic of Kazakhstan is used to analyze the scale of nonequivalent intersectoral exchange, giving suggestions of its improvement.

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