A.F.Korol'kov. Foreign economic activity of enterprises in the AIC

Tarasov V., Kondrat'eva Ya., Svinukhov V.

Agriculture of Tver oblast on the way toward informative society

Kashubo N., Kashubo M.

The experience of extending information technologies into the AIC of Tver oblast has been stated, indicating the lines of work in future, possible results, which enable the AIC of Russia to be integrated in the world economy.

Basic hnes of developrng flax subcomplex in Siberia

Kaizer A.

The state of flax growing in Tomsk oblast has been analyzed, suggesting to develop a target regional program on development of the branch in the oblast.

Economic evaluation of price formation practice in the AIC of Bryansk oblast

Zelepugin A., Bandurin R.

Price relations between agriculture and other spheres in the AIC of Bryansk oblast have been analyzed, determining disproportions in exchange between agriculture, processing industry and wholesale trade, motivating actual and necessary sizes of budget support in agrarian sector.

EflFect Revival of sheep growing on the basis of intensification

Khalilov R.

Modem state of sheep growing has been shown, disclosing the main reasons which caused the collapse of production in this subcomplex. The level of state support in various subbranches of animal husbandry was analyzed, proving the objective necessity of re-valuating the significance of sheep growing subcomplex for the national economy and giving the main lines of intensification in the given sphere.

Evaluation and formation of development potential in municipal district

Yakhnyuk S.

Possible ways of forming self-development potential in a municipal formation have been demonstrated on example of MO «Priozersk municipal district of Leningrad oblast».

Forecast evaluation of forming the labor sphere in agrarian sector of economy

Strel'tsov V.

The forecast of changes in rural population number has been given for the entire Russia and across federal districts for the period until 2016, including that by age groups. Given data show the level of providing labor resources to agricultural enterprises. The structure of demand and supply of labor force at labor market was shown on example of Leningrad oblast.

Forecastinf as a method of risk management in the AIC

Totorkulova M.

The opportunity of efficient risk management in plant growing on the way of forecasting its main indicators has been analyzed, considering the annual time series of grain yield in Volgograd oblast on the basis of cellular-automatic forecast model and offering the technique of revealing the cycles in dynamics of time series.

How to raise the competitive potential of regional agrarian production

Semin A.

The basic directions and the reasons constraining development of competitive potential of regional agrarian manufacture are considered. Intraregional competitiveness of the agricultural organizations in agrarian and industrial complex of Sverdlovsk area is analysed. Factors are differentiated, at which elimination probably effective and competitive manufacture of agricultural products.

Improvement of management system in the agroindustrial complex of a region

Ambros'eva S.

Condition, tendencies of development of agriculture and interrelation of control system of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) are considered. Necessity of perfection of the government is proved. Variants of organizational structures of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) focused on realization of the target programs are offered.

Improve subsidizing and granting dairy cattle economy

Kol'tsova S.

The state of dairy cattle farming and effectiveness of producing dairy goods has been analyzed, indicating the dynamics of state financial support of the branch and offering some measures on improvement of state support system in agrifood sphere.

Innovations within the system of factors of dairy production competitiveness

Trafimov A., Nikonov N.

The necessity of developing dairy cattle economy on the innovative basis has been motivated, considering the experience and problems of implementing the innovative policies at the level of an agricultural organization.

Innovative activity in the AIC of Lipetsk oblast

Tagintsev N.

The necessity of accelerating innovative activity in the AIC has been motivated, especially that of socioeconomic nature. Objective feasibility of synchronous implementation of innovations in vertical and horizontal plane was proved, giving examples of successful extension of innovations in a number of farms of Lipetsk oblast, primarily in plant growing sector and denoting the reasons of insufficient activity of investing to animal husbandry. Comments were given on basic goals as determined by oblast target program «State support of animal husbandry in Lipetsk oblastfor 2005-2007».

Lines of adapting the main forms of large agribusiness to market

Lysenkova S.

The organizational-legal forms of management in agricultural enterprises of Bryansk oblast have been analyzed, denoting the largest enterprises - ZAO and the most numbered - SPK, specially focusing the susceptibility of large enterprises to market conditions, innovations, their effectiveness and stability.

New vector of development in the AIC

Trushin Yu.

Main lines and results of activity of the ОАО «Rossel'khozbank» have been reflected in the light of implementing the priority project «The development oftheAIC». The reasons of low rates of development in agriculture of the country were analyzed. The goals of the Bank, particularly in providing state support to the AIC were determined in view of adopted State program «The development of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural produce, raw stuffs and food for 2008-2012». The prospects of enlarging the activity of given financial institution were shown, motivating the necessity of its activation.

Organization and economical basis of breeding and seed production in grain crops

Blinnikova Ye.

The organization and economical basis of breeding and seed production in grain crops has been studied, disclosing the system of seed material certification, mechanization of production processes in seed production, informative-consulting support for extension of achievements in breeding and seed production.

Prospects of development in the agroindustrial complex of Russia

Ushachev I.

The results of implementing the priority project «The development of the AIC» have been analyzed in its three main lines. Remaining problems in functioning of domestic rural economy were stated and commented, showing the structural-technological situation of the branch and rational ways of its modernization. The analysis included investments to agrarian sector of economy, enumerating some measures on their accelerated growth. Also considered were main goals and lines of promising agrarian policies, based on the Federal law «On development of agriculture» and the State program «The development of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural produce, raw stuffs and food for 2008-2012».

Scientific-technical progress and life quahty of rural residents

Belousov V.

The connection of technological tenors in development of society and life quality of rural population has been described, giving characteristics of five technological tenors and demonstrating their effect on the state of economy in Russia.

Status of ecologically clean produce as a factor ofrSingtheeffectivene/offarmland

Chogut G.

The feasibility of producing ecologically clean produce on the basis of minimum application of fertilizer and chemical plant protection means has been motivated, revealing the experience of extending the ecologo-landscape system of agriculture on example of the agricultural enterprise «Druzhba», Kantemirovskii raion, Voronezh oblast.

System of agricultural and consumers cooperation in Penza oblast

Atyukova О., Zotova О.

The analysis of development within the system of agricultural consumers' cooperation in Penza oblast has been given, disclosing the most essential problems in organization of cooperatives' activity and motivating the necessity of supporting cooperative formations on the side of the state and local authority organs.

System of crop insurance as a factor of raising the effectiveness of agricultural labor

Belokopytov A., Belokopytov M.

The technique of complex grain crop insurance has been studied with account of budget support, describing basic points of approach, connected with regionalization of Smolensk oblast in degree of financial welfare of agricultural production economy and subsequent evaluation of potential value of insurance installment and insurance premium. It also presents the evaluation of insurance effectiveness as a reserve for growing labor productivity in agriculture.

Ukrainian-Russian trade in agrifood sphere

Gannachenko S.

The main tendencies of export-import transactions of agro-food production between Ukraine and Russia are considered. The problems of development of Ukrainian-Russian trade in agro-food sphere are analysed. Basic accent is directed on the competitiveness of products.



Приводятся сложившаяся демографическая ситуация на селе, использование кадрового потенциала аграрного сектора экономики. На основе корреляционно-регрессионного анализа предложены мероприятия по улучшению использования кадрового потенциала, закреплению молодежи на селе.The existing demographic situation in the countryside, the usage of personnel potential in agrarian sector of economy has been stated, on the basis of correlation-regression analysis offering some measures of improving the usage of personnel potential, fixing the young in the countryside.

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