Agriculture of Poland: state of art, problems of development

Geshel' A.

The problems of development in the countryside and specific features of production of agricultural goods in Poland have been stated with analysis of contents of basic agrarian transformations in the country and commentary to these.

Cluster development of regional AIC

Nekrasov R.

Theoretical bases of cluster approach to the development of economics are observed. Domestic and foreign experience of applying cluster approach in agroindustrial complex is summarized. Method of diagnostics of potential economic clusters in regional agroindustrial complex is showen. Potential clusters in agroindustrial complex of Samara region are discovered and characterized; promising ways of their development are suggested.

Course to development of the AIC

Trushin Yu.

The activity of Rossel'khozbank, the leader of crediting institutions in the agrarian sphere, has been characterized on providing financial resources to agriculture and the AIC as a whole. Presented are the results of implementing special bank programs, demonstrating the ways of building up in resource basis of that institution. International activity of the bank is shortly characterized.

Determining the socioeconomic effectiveness of ameliorative measures

Chizhikova T.

The methods for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects have been studied, offering the technique for calculating the socioeconomic effectiveness of ameliorative measures. Also presented are the rated data of efficient reconstruction in the Siberian irrigating system located in steppe zone of Omsk oblast.

Economic basis for shaping and management of used ameliorative funds

Nosovsky V., Nekras Yu.

The state of ameliorative fund in the Far East and the outlook of its development have been considered, presenting the problems of rice growing in Primorsky krai and outlining the ways of their solution. The effectiveness of ameliorative measures performed in the region has been evaluated.

Formation of consumers' cooperatives on the basis of agrotechnological park

Kuzmina Yu.

The main ideas of the target program Development of the net of agricultural consumers' cooperatives in Kaluga oblast for 2007-2009 have been stated, presenting the results of activity in smaller forms of management. These motivate the necessity of integration of smaller business and agricultural enterprises. These also feature the activity of Agrotechnological Park created in the region for developing on its basis a net of agricultural consumers' cooperatives.

Improving the system of forestry management

Giryaev M., Kenikstul V., Glebov V.

New principles of forestry management have been established by the Forest code of the Russian Federation. The results of adopted reform in management of that branch of economy provide for the analysis of forest utilization intensity, reduction of damage due to destruction and unauthorized cuts, reduction of costs in federal budget for guarding, protecting and restoring of forests. Presented statistical data show the effectiveness of introducing new rules. Given recommendations might provide for removal of detected shortages and raising the effectiveness of forestry management.

Incomes - as a main source of growth in social-labor potential of the countryside

Skalnaya M.

The conception for maintaining and developing labor potential of the countryside has been considered in a way of solving the problem of raising the incomes of residents engaged in production of agricultural goods independent on organizational-legal form of management with account for consumer budgets of rural homesteads

Nekrasov R.V., Pyatova O.F. Incomes of rural residents in Samara oblast: methodology of statistical research

Malakhova V.

Planning and efficient usage of budget subsidies

Mikhailuk O.

The article deals with problems of efficiency in usage of state support for agricultural commodity producers, describing the ways for solving these problems. Given example shows the usage of federal and regional budget means in Sverdlovsk oblast. It provides for shaping suggestions and recommendations on improvement of organizational-economic mechanism for support of agriculture.

Problems of stability in development of bread product complex

Modebadze N., Kesheva A.

The state of art in bread product complex of Kabardino-Balkaria has been analyzed, revealing the reasons that impede its stable development. Also disclosed is the mechanism for shaping competitive medium in bread product complex.

Quality as an economic category of competitiveness in agrarian sector

Yurkova Ye.

Presented theoretical ideas characterize the quality as an economic category of competitiveness of produce and enterprise applicable to agrarian sector. These show the determining role of commodity quality in satisfaction of requirements and growth in consumption of particular produce.

Strategic analysis of the state in poultry egg farming

Solovieva T., Zhilyakov D.

Strategic analysis in the state of poultry product subcomplex of the Central federal district has been performed by the use of mathematical methods, revealing the reasons of current changes and the direction for production development. This discloses the problems in distribution of poultry egg production and motivates the necessity of correcting pursued state policy in that sphere.

Tasks of the agroindustrial complex in 2009

Skrynnik Ye.

Missions of the AIC for 2009 have been considered, analyzing specific features of their implementation under crisis conditions, state support to agrarian sector and opportunities of realizing state programs.

The AIC under crisis conditions: state of art, problems, ways for recovery

Ushachev I.

The situation in domestic AIC due to financial-economic crisis has been characterized, considering possible threats for future branch development and measures of their mitigation. Basic problems in agriculture are given for the moment. Short information is given on the program of anti-crisis measures applicable to the AIC and a commentary to that. Presented data feature the degree of food security in Russia under modern conditions.

World market of fat-free milk powder

Ivanova S.

The geography, structure rates of growth in transboundary flows of fat-free milk powder (FMP) have been analyzed with rating of its main exporters and importers included. These characterize the situation in the world market of FMP in 2005-2008.



Rational approaches to improvement of agricultural land usage and safeguard have been stated. Their basis comprises measures envisaged in projects of intraeconomic tenure with account for ecological criteria, which influence the ecosystems. The application and extension of such criteria not only permit to improve the ecological state of organized areas, but achieve economic effectiveness of production. Given examples show practical usage of intraeconomic tenure projects on agrolandscape basis.

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