Activating of innovation activity in the A1C

Sandu I.

The lines of activating of the innovation activity in different branches of agriculture of Russia have been analyzed, presenting the pattern of organization anf economic mechanism of the innovation process in the agroindustrial complex.

Agroeconomic research: historical aspect, present and future

Ushachev I.

Phases of establishment and development of agrarian economic research in the country have been considered, enumerating the most important problems in organization of economic studies that face agroeconomic science in future.

Congratulate the collective of VNIIESKh

Gordeev A.

Economic problems of technical re-equipment in agriculture of Russia

Dragaitsev V.

It becomes compulsory under market conditions to estimate economically all measures suggested to economic implementation, especially while extending new technologies and equipment. Technical re-equipment of agricultural enterprises requires state support.

Formation of institutions of intellectual property in the AIC

Prokopiev G.

Theoretical motivation of the notion intellectual property has been given, scientifically motivating the socioeconomic relations of intellectual property in the AIC, its forms, place and the interaction with other forms of property. Also considered was the problem of legal protection of inventions.

Formation of regional agrarian policy

Altukhov A.

The aim, main goals and principles have been disclosed in the formation of regional agrarian policy as an instrument for smoothing the differentiation in levels of socioeconomic development of regions in the Russian Federation.

Forms of organization of agricultural production and entrepreneurship

Arashukov V.

Changes in the organization and legal forms of performing the agricultural production in view of socioeconomic transformations in 1990s, changes in the structure of organizational forms of agriproduction and its servicing have been analyzed, attaching special attention to subjects of small business, agricultural production cooperatives and economic societies and concluding that preserving the structure of production in existing organization forms cannot ensure the internal needs of Russia in food and fiber.

Land tenure in the agrarian sphere

Yugai A.

Legal, economic and administrative methods for the regulation of land relations have been considered, reflecting modern situation of using market value of lands of agricultural purpose.

Large center of economic agrarian science

Romanenko G.

Lines of state support of agriculture in developed countries

Paptsov A.

The role of state in economy of developed countries and in agriculture as critical branch of life provision is fairly significant. Gradually having passed from direct to indirect instruments for the regulation of economy in a series of its important branches, which without any doubt include the agriculture; the state pursues highly efficient policy of protecting the internal producer.

Organization of scientific activity in the VNIIESKh

Suslov A.

The history of VNIIESKh establishment, its organization structure, lines of research have been related, stating the results of the Institute activity in joint actions with other scientific institutions of Russia and foreign countries, outlining the perspective of development, describing the work of dissertation councils.

Philosophical aspects of socioeconomic transformation in agriculture of Russia

Serkov A.

Philosophical aspects of socioeconomic transformation of Russia have been considered, motivating the necessity of changing the world-conception approach to market relations, particularly, for the revival of agriculture, the development of social infrastructure of the countryside.

Price formation in the agroindustrial complex of Russia

Sagaidak E.

Conceptual basis of shaping price formation in Russia has been presented, considering the two methodological approaches to solve this problem, analyzing the disparity of prices for the agriproduce and the resources supplied to agriculture and outlining the main ways for the optimization of price correlations in the AIC.

Scientific basis of management in the agroindustrial complex of Russia

Repp Kh.

The article gives the analysis of modern state in the system of management at the federal, regional and rayon level of management of the AIC, disclosing the shortages in the first phase of administrative reform performed in Russia, offering some measures for their removal.

Sociopsychological climate in the Russian countryside

Bondarenko L.

The article presents the results of research in the Center of the All-Russian monitoring of social-labor sphere of the countryside that indicate social evils: negative positions prevail in estimates made by rural population concerning the changes of life in recent 10 to 12 years.

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