Agreement-indicative planning for construction of objectives in the AIC

Gezikhanov R.

Methods of agreement-indicative planning for agroindustrial construction in the region have been presented, analyzing the formation of productive program in agribuilding organizations, based on calculations of economic indicators, and revealing shortages in organization of agreement relations and planning in rural construction.

Agriculture as a priority line of state support

Buzdalov I.N.

Conceptual aspects in priority of rural development have been considered, disclosing the principles and mechanisms of its legal, macroeconomic and organizational-economic support. Special attention is attached to financial and material-technical support, sources and rational usage of state support means to the countryside and resource potential of agricultural organizations as determinant conditions for efficient and sustainable production, transformation of social sphere in the countryside and recovery of the country from systemic agrifood crisis.

Dairy produce subcomplex of Belgorod region: state of art, prospects of development

Selezneva L.

Productive, financial and economic state of dairy produce subcomplex has been analyzed in Belgorod oblast. Presented statistical information reflects the indices of milk production scope across farm categories, dynamics and structure of Belgorod region. This gives the character of working in large agriholdings in the sphere of dairy cattle farming, describing measures on development of smaller entrepreneurship. Basic lines and prospects are shown for development of animal husbandry in the region.

Ensure sustainable development of rural areas

Boitsov A.

Suggested approach to resolving the problem of sustainable development in rural areas complies with statements determined by Brutland Commission and «Agenda for XXI century» adopted by UN Conference on environment and development. This motivates the necessity of creating institutional predecessors for long-term stable usage of land, forest and fishery resources by residents who live in rural areas.

Forecasting the consumers' demand on produces of closed ground vegetable growing

Osipov A., Chazova I.

Factors affecting the demand on closed ground vegetable growing produces have been analyzed; evaluating the market capacity of green house produces in Udmurt Republic and revealing the reasons that impede the rates of growth in consumption of closed ground vegetables.

Formation of cognitive model for internal control in agroindustrial corporations

Kundius V., Filip'ev D.

This motivates the feasibility to introduce controlling, which serves a kind of a system for coordinating subsystems of planning, accounting and control aimed at improving the process of management. Shown as the most efficient method for introduction of controlling is the step-by-step changing the informative and managerial flows in the organization. Given description of cognitive model for internal control formation, developed by authors, consists in subsequent passage of seven interconnected phases, applicable to the OOO «Altaikholod». Also given are the results of activity in that enterprise.

Improving the budget financing system of agriproduction

Stadnik A., Shelkovnikov S., Isaeva G., Tseluiko I., Ten En Dog

The example of Novosibirsk oblast is used to study the scope of state support in agriculture. Suggested methods of planning by state organs the requirements in budget financing for agricultural production is based on development of standards for subsidizing agricultural enterprises differentiated with account for economic conditions.

Infrastructure of food market in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Ishmuratov M.

The infrastructure of food market in the Republic of Bashkortostan has been analyzed: channels and scope of realized agricultural products, cooperative sale structures, participation in the chain of processing enterprises, wholesale and retail trade organizations and organization of working in retail markets.

Integration of consumers' societies with crediting cooperatives and agrarian enterprises

Sipko L.

Basic lines of functional diversification for consumers' cooperation have been defined, offering the forms of integrating consumers' societies into all kinds of cooperatives and other business entities.

Problems of competitiveness in the agroindustrial complex of the RF and factors of its raising

Paptsov A.

Raise the effectiveness of using land shares

Nechaev V., Barsukova G.

The results of re-organizing collective enterprises in Krasnodar krai are investigated, including the formation of collective-shared ownership and usage of land by owners of shares. These define the lines for perfection of land relations, raising the efficiency in usage of land shares and work of land re-distribution fund.

Regulating price relations of agrienterprises in Siberia

Rymanova L.

This motivates setting aims for regulation of price relations - with account for development of management vertical; regulating the volume of revenues in mutual connection with profitability indicators, which ensure reducing commercial risk and achieving financial stability in agricultural enterprises with respective increase of production scope based on innovative type of development. It is suggested to regulate price relations by means of a system of indicators developed on the basis of implementing the issues of enlarged forecast in profitability and prices. The aspects of antimonopoly regulation are considered with account for enlarging the sphere of state participation.

Resource potential and development of agricultural production

Khodos D.

The resource potential of the agricultural organizations of Krasnoyarsk region is investigated. The estimation of a level of specialization and a production efficiency on agricultural zones is given, processes of reproduction in an agriculture of region are analyzed. Approaches of a complex estimation of an economic condition of development of an agricultural production are submitted.

Restore the resource potential of amelioration in Povolzhye

Chernyaev A., Yaroslavsky V.

The analysis of using ameliorated land encompasses rational productive structures and parameters of resource potential in agrienterprises with developed irrigation, applicable to Povolzhye, particularly to Saratov oblast, with account of natural-climatic conditions. This shows the prospects of increasing the production of agricultural goods (in vegetable growing, cattle farming, grain subcomplex) during implementation of measures on reconstruction and restoration of intraeconomic irrigation nets. Suggested measures will stimulate investments into development of irrigated agriculture.

Risks and property interests during insurance in the sphere of land tenure

Kurbatov A., Chukanova Ye.

Systematizing the risks and property interests has been realized for cases of agricultural land ownership and usage. Given structural groups of risks might be employed to perform insurance of land plots

State programs of risk management in foreign agrarian sector

Semkin A., Bykov G.

Presented characteristic of main state programs on insurance and risk management in agrarian sector of the United States indicates the levels of financing that provide for effective reimbursement of possible loss of farmers' incomes due to unfavorable natural conditions and price situations on food markets.

Ways of horticulture development in the Republic of North Osetia-Alania

Apaev S.

The state of art in horticulture of the Republic of North Osetia-Alania has been analyzed, revealing the reasons that impede efficient functioning of the branch and offering the ways of further development in fruit and berry production.

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