«Architecture, Construction, Design»The Journal of The International Association Of Unions Of ArchitectsThe chairman of the public editorial board of the Magazine, I.N. Voskresenski, , the Honorary Architect of Russia.The Legal Successor of the Magazine “Architecture in the USSR”, registered in The Russia Federation Press, Broadcasting & Telecommunication Ministry, issued from 1994.Subscription indexes: 42846 – The United Catalogue92834 - The Catalogue of the Russia Press Agency ( Rospechat)Circulation of the Magazine – 10 000 copies.Periodicity of the Edition – 4 issues a year.In 1998 the Magazine obtained the accreditation of the Secretariat of CIS and recognized a unique regular Magazine of the creative intelligentsia.The Magazine is published with the assistance of:• The Council of cultural cooperation of CIS• The Council of Chief Architects of CIS Countries CapitalsThe Magazine is the Official Edition of:• The Higher Certifying Commission publishing articles about defenses of thesises in the field of architecture and town-planning,The main subjects of the Magazine are: architecture, design, construction, landscape design, new technologies in construction and architecture.The edition contains headings: town-planning, third millenium technologies, architecture, construction, design, news, events, information, review of the Magazine “Architecture in the USSR”.

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