Features of the licensing and certification of forensic accounting expert activity in the Russian Federation

Zvyagin Sergei Anatolyevich, Maltsev Evgeniy Pavlovich

The paper presents the results of the analysis of problems of certification and licensing of forensic and forensic-economic expertise activities identified stages in the development of certification in the modern history of our country and their impact on the current state of the issue. On the basis of the study, the authors justified the need for the formation of a unified nationwide certification in the field of forensic and forensic-economic expertise, the structure of the system of training, certification and quality control certification of the forensic expert.

Methodological problems of surveillance and controle of commercial banks

Yudenkov Y.N., Pashkov R.V.

The article deals with the problem of supervisory practices in the banking sector and the ways of improving both the overall supervision, and specific bank management procedures. Paying special attention to substantive aspects of the strategic planning and internal control in commercial banks

Policy import substitution as a tool to stimulate innovation and investment activities of industrial enterprises

Grozovsky E.V.

This article is devoted to the study of the mechanism of implementation of the import substitution policy and its companies especially in the economic sector The article describes the interim results of the implementation of the import substitution policies and identified factors constraining activity of economic entities in the implementation of investment projects aimed at its implementation. The review of legislation in the field of policy of import substitution at the micro and macro levels.

Rationing of labor as a factor of innovative development of the Russian economy in the context of globalization

Chutiashvili N.V.

The main tasks of the Russian enterprises in the conditions of globalization of the Russian economy are consistent improvement in the organization of production, reduce labor intensity of production (works, services), increasing the material interest of workers as a result of their labor, increase production efficiency through standardization and rationalization of labor. The centralized system of regulation of labor organization and is suitable in cases where the company is not enough skilled workers for Labor norms. It is important to study the regulation of labor costs for the supervision of working time in the elimination of downtime and performers, labor rationalization in the study and dissemination of best practices.

Research of the information infrastructure of Russian securities market: theoretical aspects

Palmina S.G.

There is a complication of the information system of the securities market in conditions of information economy development. The article presents the theoretical aspects of the information infrastructure of Russian securities market. The author concludes that the quality of the information infrastructure of the securities market is one of the most important conditions for making rational investment decisions

Review of K. Y Tsygankov monograph “Fundamentals of Accounting (Brief)” (final part)

Filippenkov Sergey Ivanovich

The article presents review of K.Y. Tsygankov monograph “Fundamentals of Accounting (Brief)” final part.

Stock exchange trading as creterion of the modern security market

Samokhina E.G.

Modern securities market is characterized by forced introduction of innovations in conditions of forming information economy The author identifies the organization of the stock exchange market’s functioning and technology of implementation of trade processes as objects of innovating the exchange market. In the article the author analyzes using of innovative types of stock exchange trading (the author means automated trading, algorithmic trading and High Frequency Trading) at different stages and phases of the stock market’s trading process.

The preferential taxation of the profit growth of businesses, as one way to increase revenues

Sadulaeva Madina Makhmatovna

The article considers problems of formation of a profitable part of the regional budget and one of the approaches of tax stimulation of investment activity of economic entities.



Social and economic conditions of the construction of the new methodological analysis of the development of small business and private entrepreneurship in every way in connection with the activation of the human factor must be investigated. This article discusses the principles of the guidelines in order to analyze the mechanism of business management in the development and evaluation methods are discussed by the authors gave some suggestions to the solution of these problems.



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