Analytical procedures of internal audit estimates

CHIKUROVA Svetlana Sergeevna

In a market economy and high business risk valuation reserves are important and economically significant indicators of financial statements of companies that have an impact on their financial performance and financial stability, and therefore requires a mandatory review by the internal audit services. The article gives a comparative analysis of the Russian and international standards of accounting estimates are discussed approaches to the use of analytical procedures in the internal audit of estimated reserves, which will increase the internal evaluation of their reliability and determine the level of impact on the reliability of the information in the financial statements.

Arrangement of international cjntrol in order to counteract legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing


Reports of internal control of quality published annually by the Department of Financial Accounting, Reporting and Audit of Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation notice that the most serious violation is absence of developed procedures in order to counteract legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing. Due to this fact audit organizations and individual auditors must develop procedures of control aimed at counteraction, which the most important part is verification of internal control arrangement at organizations covered by the Federal Law No. 115 “On counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing”. Despite the fact the normative legislative acts in this field have developed the algorithm of arrangement of compulsory internal control aimed at counteraction, there are no templates of specific programs, due to this fact there are essential errors in this field, which are notices by the Federal Service of Financial Monitoring. Due to this fact we have offered measures for elimination of typical violations, which will allow not only to arrange the internal control aimed at counteraction, but also to develop procedures in respect of these transactions for audit organizations and individual auditors.

Management as a condition of efficiency of production of Russian enterprises


The article focuses on the role of rationing of work and measures to return to Russian enterprises. Rationing of labor today is a condition of increasing production efficiency and an important element of the organization of labor. Development and implementation of advanced, technically sound norms of labor costs (time norms, standards development, standards of care, standards of population) allows to organize the payment of workers, in accordance with its quantity and quality. Tariff regulation of wages contributes to the correct use of standards-based (tariffs, tariff scales, salaries) determining the level of compensation of employees, depending on their qualifications and working conditions. In addition, the proper use of the forms and pay system provides a specific procedure for the calculation of wages of workers, depending on its quantity and quality. All kinds of rules and regulations reflect a certain level of technology and organization of production in the light of experience of the advanced workers.

On occupational standard for accounting specialists

BAKAEV Aleksandr Sergeevich

In accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation the work on development and approval of occupational standards is conducted in the country. The approved occupational standards (over 800 as on October 1, 2016) include the standards for the occupations connected with accounting: ‘Accountant” (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated December 22, 2014); “Compliance officer (internal controller)” (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated April 22, 2015 No. 236n); “Internalauditor” (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated June 24, 2015 No. 398n); ‘Auditor” (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated October 18, 2015 No. 1061н). Among the listed occupational standards there is no standard for accounting specialist.

The information support of the business investment attractiveness economic analysis


The text highlights the main problems of the relevant information support of the business investment attractiveness economic analysis forming including the actuality of Russian accounting statements, their exhaustiveness for describing non-quantitative characteristics of the business ex-amined, factors and risks determining the organization development, which could be important for the investment decision making process. To improve the information support of the business in-vestment attractiveness economic analysis is possible by means of using the IFRS or the transition to reporting on sustainable development

Upcoming changes in the statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income IFRS 4 Phase 2

Chaya V.T., Matveeva A.O.

The article gives a thorough analysis of the changes in the statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income in connection with the issuance of IFRS 4 "Insurance Contracts” Phase 2. The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that gross and earned premium and will be replaced by a new index - the income of the insurance contract, as well as for the majority of insurers, separate presentation of the investment costs of the insurance company in respect of assets and liabilities of the insurance contract will also be new. The result of the analysis of these changes was the illustrative statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income, containing all upcoming presentation and disclosure.

Using the methods of STEP - analysis for making strategic management decisions in the agro-industrial complexes

KERIMOV Vagif Eldar oglu

The article is devoted to the methodology "STEP - analysis” in the agro-industrial complexes for the preparation of information for making strategic management decisions.







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