• Publisher Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение Российская государственная библиотека
  • Country Россия
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“Bibliotekovedenie” (“Library and Information Science”) is a full-colour illustrated journal on research and practices in the field of library management and book trade considered along the dimensions of informational and communicative culture. 6 issues p/a (60×90, 1/8, circulation — 850, 120 pages).The journal was established in 1952 under the title of “Biblioteki SSSR. Opyt Raboty” (“The USSR Libraries. Practical Experience”), in 1973 it was transformed into a periodical “Sovietskoye Bibliotekovedenie” (“Soviet Library Science”), since 1993 — “Bibliotekovedenie” (Library and Information Science).Regarding libraries as one of the most important social institutions in the field of culture, science, humanities, education and communications, the journal addresses an extensive range of issues related to the content and structure of library-based activities. It considers library function against the background of the related global developments, both in practical and conceptual terms, integrated into a wider social and cultural context and interrelated with the humanitarian challenges of the modern world.The journal is directed at the audience of librarians and information managers, researchers in library and book trade studies, bibliographers, teachers, postgraduates, high school and university students taking courses in Arts and Culture, amateur book-lovers and collectors.

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