Assessing the Business Reputation of a Bank

Astrelina Valentina, Bondarchuk Pavel

In the article concepts of business reputation are analyzed. Approaches to assessment of goodwill and its recognition as an intangible bank's asset are considered. The authors propose a method of express-evaluation of goodwill based on parametric matrix. Ways to manage the risk of losing business reputation, as one of the banking risks, are discussed.

Certain Aspects of Criminogenic Situation in the Sphere of Lending and Finance

Krylov Oleg

29 октября – 2 ноября 2012 г. под руководством Первого заместителя Председателя банка России Г. И. Лунтовского состоялась конференция–совещание с руководителями территориальных учреждений Банка России и начальниками управлений (отделов) наличного денежного обращения территориальных учреждений банка России с участием иностранных центральных банков «Новейшие тенденции развития наличного денежного обращения». На совещании рассматривались проблемы организации наличного денежного обращения и пути их решения, обсуждались актуальные вопросы модернизации и развития наличного денежного обращения. Выступивший на совещании начальник Главного Управления безопасности и защиты информации Банка России О. В. Крылов остановился на криминальном аспекте обстановки в финансово-кредитной сфере Российской Федерации, охарактеризовал особенности криминогенной обстановки в сфере наличного денежного обращения.

Factoring and Other Forms of Business Financing

Kurbatov Sergey

ICCOS EMEA, a European Forum of Cash Operations

Viktor Ionov

Improving Cashless Retail Payments in Ukraine Using the National System of Mass Electronic Payments

Mishchenko Svetlana

The article investigates the main tendencies of improvement non-cash retail payments on the basis of systemic modernization of the National system of mass electronic payments and also using special-purpose payment instruments and creation complete payment cycle of the national payment system of Ukraine for the purpose of rising the effectiveness of the mechanism non-cash retail payments’ functioning.

Inflation Risk Mitigation as a Factor in Achieving Forecast Targets of Inflation and Price Stability

Krasavina Lidya

Monitoring the Macroeconomic Dynamic and Monetary Stability on the Basis of Payment Approach

Korop Valery

In given paper an integral approach is proposed to the assessment of economic growth and understanding of macro equilibrium in the relationship between real output, money supply, inflation and exchange rate. On example of Belorussian economy the author demonstrated the link between economic growth and the payment dynamics which allows to give a quantitative assessment of real output in the short term intervals; conducted a critical analysis of current concepts of the balance between money and commodity mass which is formulated on the basis of payments approach to monetary stability, the money demand and its velocity of circulation. Taking into account the capabilities of this approach in assessing the status and dynamics of macro variables in real-time the author proposed the principle of monetary policy to coordinate exchange and emission components with the rate of economic growth and to achieve monetary stability.

On the System of Measurement of Banking Sector Financial Soundness

Khasyanova Svetlana

The aim of this work is to compare the degree of accordance of Financial Soundness Indicators of credit institutions, used by International Monetary Fund and Bank of Russia. The results showed that, in general, the system of financial stability indicators of credit institutions in Russia corresponds to the system, used by International Monetary Fund to assess financial stability of the different countries. However, the author provides recommendations for improving the Russian system of financial stability indicators.

Petr Yefremov, a Founder of Savings Business in Russia

Mizgulin Dmitry, Vychugzhanin Aleksandr

Public-Private Partnership as an Instrument of Off-Budget Financing

Dmitrieva Yekaterina

In the article the author discusses various definitions of the notion «the public-private partnership», formulates his own definition of this notion, analyses the main advantages of public-private partnership for the government, business and society. the author presents the analysis of the main barriers, that impede the development of the public-private partnership in Russia, and offers the possible alternatives to overcome them.

Responsible Lending as a Standard for Retail Lending

Mozzhukhina Yelena

Specifics of Monetary Policy in Post-Industrial Economies after the 2008 Crisis of Securitised Assets

Cherkasov Vsevolod, Sharova Svetlana

This study researches preconditions and consequences of the shock put to foreign financial systems by recent crisis of securitized assets in 2008. The article analyses response of monetary authorities, systematizes data on applied monetary policy tools, examines essence and properties of quantitative easing. Features of Eurosystem’s monetary policy are also under consideration.

Vilna Branch of the State Bank: 1865–1917

Bugrov Aleksandr





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