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Assessment of Financial Conditions Index for the Russian Economy

Ivanov Aleksey

This article considers methodology of the financial conditions index estimation. The index is used for defining the level of financial wealth of the economy. Financial conditions tightening supposed to have negative effect on the economy run. The article also presents financial conditions index estimate for Russia.

CLS System's Role in Providing Consumers with Settlement Services in Global FX-Market

Ushakov Valery

Credit Market of the Novosibirsk Region: Peculiarities and Approaches to Study

Semeryanova Anna

Development and Implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard in Banking Training

Savelyeva Irina

Global Monetary System: An Epoch of Currency Wars and Instability

Rybin Yevgeny

Housing Mortgage Lending and Methodology for Determining Housing Accessibility

Kulikov Aleksandr, Yanin Viktor

Influence of Borrowers’ Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Their Solvency

Petukhova Margarita

This article presents the results of a study on the identification of the features of credit behavior in retail of the borrowers of the Siberian Federal District, depending on their socio-demographic characteristics of the pre-crisis period, the period of crisis and recovery. The study used methods of mathematical statistics, probability theory, mathematical analysis. As a result, the author revealed the dependences characterizing the behavior of borrowers in retail in the considered time intervals in relation to socio-demographic characteristics.

International Role of the Euro: Problems and Prospects

Kondratov Dmitry

Prospects of the European single currency, its impact on the economy of the euro area and the role of the international currency market - these issues are the subject of both the professional and the broader public interest. The author of the published article focuses on the process of formation of the euro as a global currency that could be, and in some ways is already the alternative to the U.S. dollar.

Post-Crisis Development of Global Banking Sector: Trends and Prospects

Kovzanadze Irakly

In article the current tendencies and prospects for development of the world banking sector taking into account influence of various factors are considered. Changes in key components of bank activity are analyzed: capital, structure and quality of assets, liquidity, profitability, management, regulation.

Practice of Information and Analytical Support of Risk-Based Supervision

Klimov Andrey, Yakovlev Sergey

Regional Banking Sector and Its Role in Economic Development of the Rostov Region

Zolotarev Vladimir, Basko Oleg, Rybchinskaya Irina

The Growing Corporate Debt to Foreign Investors: a Rope Round the Neck of the National Economy

Aganbegyan Abel

Travel for Silver Rouble: a French Banker about Russia of the Mid-19

Tatarinov Sergey


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