Accessibility of Bank Loans in Siberia Given Domestic Demand Squeeze

Khatskevich Yevgeny, Semeryanova Anna, Tatarinova Liudmila

The article suggests a comprehensive approach to assessing the availability of Bank loans, based on the systematization of existing methods of the Government of the Russian Federation, the World Bank, the Bank of Russia, as well as best practices in the assessment of the credit market. The authors reveal a system of indicators to measure availability of bank loans consisting of two groups: basic and complementary (quantitative and qualitative). The main emphasis is made on quantitative and qualitative indicators, and indicators for evaluating the development of the credit market of the Siberian Federal district from 2015 to 2016. In view of current situation and a tendency of development of the banking sector it is drawn a conclusion on increase of availability of credits for the population and businessmen of Siberia.

Adjustment of the Balance of Payments of the Russian Federation to External Shocks in 2014-2017

Navoy Anton

The article presents a retrospective of the improvement of foreign economic relations of the Russian Federation reflected in the balance of payments statistics. Systemic knots of contradictions that create threats to financial stability are revealed. The characteristics of the main external shocks faced by the external sector of Russian Federation at the turn of 2014-2015 are given. A systematic approach to the description of an integral picture of the adaptation of the balance of payments of the Russian Federation to external shocks in 2014-2017 is presented, in particular, analysis in terms of reaction to external challenges of institutional sectors, adoption of regulatory measures, influence on external assets and liabilities of the economy, made conclusions on the consequences of overcoming external shocks for the state and prospects for the improvement of the external sector of the Russian Federation.

Assessment of Financial Position of a Credit Institution by a Bank Marketing Customer

Anokhin Vladimir, Anokhin Yegor

The characteristics are provided for the role of lending institutions on the financial service market of the Russian Federation. The authors consider the essence of the organization of marketing activities in the market of banking services, their relationship with the methodology for assessing the financial condition of the bank from consumers. And factors are determined, which make possible to assess the bank financial condition by consumers who do not have any special knowledge.

Compiling Price Volatility Index of Russian Exports

Kurovskiy Gleb, Polbin Andrey

The paper constructs aggregate volatility index of the Russian export commodity prices. Taking the stochastic volatility model as the basis we get estimates of price volatilities of main export commodities. Than the estimates of individual price volatility are aggregated into single volatility index using information on the prices correlations and the export structure. The proposed index could be widely used in macroeconomic modeling. The paper demonstrates that its inclusion as an explanatory variable in the model for the Russian export improves the quality of the model.

EAEU Integrated FX Market and Transactions in National Currencies. Ensuring Customer Access of EAEU Residents to the Exchange Market (Review of Workshop Contributions)

Mishina Victoria, Khomyakova Lubov

Financial Repression: External Aspect

Akhmed Abu Bakr Farid A.

Within a framework of nonconventional monetary policy both developed and emerging nations resorted to measures of financial repression between 2009 and 2014 to alleviate public debt problem and generate additional revenue for the government. However, recent studies dedicated to the phenomenon ambiguously assess the role of external financial repression in achieving more efficient results of internal regulation. The article makes an attempt to give a quantitative assessment of the impact of external financial repression on economic growth by empirically analyzing the cases of developing and developed countries. The relevance of the article could be attributed to the construction of external Financial Repression Index based on a new IMF dataset.

Kerch Metallurgical Plant in the Context of the State Bank History (1906-1913)

Bugrov Aleksandr

The article describes the purchase by the State Bank of the Kerch Metallurgical Works, conducted as part of the rescue of large domestic enterprises during the economic crisis.

On Enhanced Role of Foreign Exchange Factors in Forming Sustainable Competitive Advantages of EAEU Countries

Krasavina Lidia

The article considers an actual topic - the inclusion of currency factors in the formation of relatively stable competitive advantages of the EAEU countries. A reproductive approach, a multi-speed formation of Eurasian integration, including the currency integration, are suggested to enhance the role of these factors. It is proposed to specify the concept of «stable currency» in the legislation, and a number of practical proposals on increasing the role of currency factors in the formation of the SCA of the EAEU countries are substantiated.

On Using the Best Foreign Experience in Russian Audit Reform

Nikiforov Sergey

Currently the State Duma of the Russian Federation is considering the bill developed by the Bank of Russia. It strives to amend the legislation that regulates auditing activities. Its adoption can be a starting point for a large-scale reform of the Russian audit. The paper examines the foreign, particularly American, experience in organizing and reforming audit activities in the context of the future reform of Russian audit.

Review of the Book «Money in the National and Global Economy» by M.A. Portnoy

Usoskin Valentin

The Situation in the Crimea Finance and Banking after October 1917

Kolomiytseva Vera

Towards Audit Reform through Change of Regulator

Turbanov Aleksandr, Lisovskaya Irina

The article considers the key issues of the forthcoming change of regulator audit activities from a position of overcoming problems and further development of auditing.

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