Analysis of Regional Economy as Part of a Central Bank’s Functionality

Stepanov Yury, Morgacheva Irina

Banking History in Crimea: Unknown Facts (1875-1915)

Bugrov Aleksandr

The article describes the foundation of Sevastopol and Simferopol branches of the State Bank in the Russian Empire.

Banking in Pre-revolutionary Chechnya at a Glance

Tagayev Sultan, Ibragimov Kuri

The article is devoted to the emergence of banking in pre-revolutionary Chechnya as an integral part of the banking system of the Russian Empire. It is established that the appearance of the Chechen financial-credit institutions was closely linked to the development of agriculture, trade and industry. The authors reveal the role and place of the usury and of the Treasury in the initial stages of development of credit relations. The banks influence on the development of the big oil industry in Grozny is shown.

Development of Russian Housing Mortgage Lending Market

Kuzmina Yelena, Yanin Andrey

The article deals with the problems of development of the market of mortgage lending in the Russian Federation. The article discusses possible directions of the development of housing mortgage market in Russia in nearest years towards the goal of effectively reducing the mortgage lending rate for the final borrower, taking into account the interest of commercial banks. The article describes the advantages of a variable interest rate in conditions of inflation for banks, as well as analyzes the economic effect of the introduction of housing mortgage schemes with variable interest rate.

Housing Mortgage Lending in Russia: Problems and Solutions

Dolmatovich Igor, Keshenkova Natalia

The main tendencies in the market of mortgage housing lending are presented in the article, problems of development of mortgage housing lending are revealed, solutions on improvement of the mortgage mechanism in Russia are proposed.

Impact of UK Exit on the Prospects for European Economic Integration

Kuznetsov Aleksey

Indicators Used to Assess Long-term Bank Loans

Dremova Uliana

In the article the methodical tool of estimation of bank long-term credits is presented. Long-term credits behave not only to the profitable but also to high-risky operations of bank. Therefore the analysis of long-term credits requires development of additional indexes, reflecting the specific of this bank activity. With the purpose of strengthening of analytical base in area of estimation of long-term credit brief-case of bank, in the article it is suggested to use additional analytical indexes, characterizing quality of credit brief-case, levels of security and risk of long-term credits, sufficient volume of realization and effectiveness of the long-term crediting.

Integration of Integrations as a «Second Floor» of International Relations

Fedorov Valentin

Interaction between EU National Economies as an Underlying Cause of Brexit

Bazhan Anatoly

International Financing of Ecological Projects as a Long-term Trend (Illustrated by Green Finance Facilities of the World Bank)

Yakovlev Igor, Shvandar Kristina

At the moment, issues related with the change of environment are attracting more attention, reflecting their actuality. Solving such problems requires of broad international cooperation and funding. Therefore, many large organizations, including international ones, are engaged in environmental issues. The article analyzes the geographical and sector allocation by the World Bank of environmental project funding programs, as well as the distribution of funded of projects across sectors and countries. In addition, the article shows the basic financial mechanisms used by the World Bank Group to support environmental projects. Particular attention was paid to «green» bonds, which are used to support of «green» growth. Climate focus differ them from conventional bonds.

Key Aspects of the Bank of Russia’s Procurement Strategy Development

Goreglyad Valery

Efficiency of the procurement process organization and of the procurement management of the Bank of Russia has an impact on ensuring activity of all its divisions. In this regard definition of the strategy of procurement activities development is important. This article considers the ways of improvement of Bank of Russia's procurement system and proves the directions of procurement activities development.

Leibniz Binary Medallion and a Ringing Key Coin

Guzeev Oleg

The article is about the development of instrumental model of metal money. As an example of such a model, the author proposes a ringing key coin, inspired by Leibniz' binary medallion.

Preconditions of Factoring in Russia

Kurbatova Olga, Kurbatov Sergey

The article is devoted to the establishment of factoring in Russia. The characteristic of the institutions preceding the appearance of factoring in Russia is given. There is shown the role of factoring for the industrial and trading companies, companies of the service sector requiring short-term financing of their business.

Restrictions on Cash Settlements to Counter Tax Evasion and Other Illegal Activities

Yurov Aleksandr, Cherkasov Vsevolod

This article considers the issue of putting restrictions on cash payments in fighting against various kinds of illegal, criminal activity - the agenda which lately gained relevance in Europe in the face of terrorism threat amplified sharply on a wake of migration crisis. The Bank of Russia perceives positively any measures to suppress «shadow» financial flows if they prove the effectiveness and are not damaging for interests of the Russian society. However foreign examples give no proofs of distinct interrelation between volumes of cash in economy and «shadow» activity. There are also no convincing examples of the effect generated by restrictions. Meanwhile in Russia (as well as in the contemporary world as a whole) a role of cash is still too important to create artificial obstacles with a view of «cashlessing».

Return of Keynes

Portansky Aleksey

This review deals with new book of journalist and writer Andrei Ostalski «The Saviour of Capitalism. John Maynard Keynes and His Cross» published by Palmira publishing house. The book is intended primarily for the mass reader. The author does not compete with the dozens of studies on great economist written by professionals and designed for professionals. He tries in simple words and a fun way to provide the reader without economic background with the essence of Keynesian theory, with its critics and antagonists, as well as with the place that theoretical heritage of John Maynard Keynes takes in the contemporary battle of ideas. The reviewer believe that A. Ostalski successfully coped with the task and his book certainly will find its reader.

Russian Derivatives Market in 2016: Research Done by the National Finance Association

Piskulov Dmitry

This article describes the results of a Survey of Russian derivative market conducted by National Financial Association (NFA) among largest operators of this market. Survey of 2016 provides in dynamics (in comparison with 2008 and 2015) various statistics of operations with the derivatives (mainly with foreign exchange and interest rate instruments) including average daily volumes, breakdown by types of instruments, maturities, currencies, execution methods, legal documentation used and analyzes general trends. There also provided the opinions of participants about key obstacles and tasks of further development of the derivatives market in Russia.


О ЧЕМ ПИСАЛИ В ЖУРНАЛЕ (1938 - 1941)

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