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A Look at Surplus Liquidity in the Banking Sector

Urkova Galina, Zalunina Lubov

In their practice of monetary policy implementation central banks face the problem of surplus liquidity. If central banks fail to absorb excess reserves there can be the downward pressure on money market rates and their deviation below the operational target. The accumulation of excess reserves for a long period of time forces uncertainty and instability. It can result in the money market distortion and has a negative impact on the efficiency of the monetary policy transmission mechanism. The article provides the possible ways and means for solution of this problem.

Bank of Russia Regional Branch Experience in Implementing the Programme to Improve the Financial Literacy of the Population

Timofeeva Zinaida, Prilutskaya Alla

Construction of an Asset Price Bubble Indicator for the Russian Stock Market

Melnikova Elena

In the article some empirical approaches applied in a modem foreign practice to asset price bubble detection were presented. Their adaptation to the Russian stock market investigation was carried out. On the basis of these approaches three new tests, including those for early bubble detection were developed. These tests can be used in addition to available toolkit for stock market instability forecasting.

Evaluation of the Credit Risk of Commercial Banks in Uzbekistan

Abdunazarova Nodira, Bakhromov Jamal

This article presents the results of the empirical analysis of credit risk of commercial banks f using the Two-step System Generalized Method of Moments (Two-step system GMM). Credit risk evaluation using a dynamic panel data approach indicates the presence of a weak impact of macroeconomic conditions on credit risk of banks in Uzbekistan. The analysis reveals the importance of bank-specific factors influencing non-performing loans of Uzbekistan commercial banks.

Inflation and Monetization of the Economy

Ershov Mikhail, Tatuzov Viktor, Urieva Ekaterina

Investment Lending: the Current Situation, Problems and Prospects

Mazurina Tatiana

The article contains the analysis of the current situation in bank lending investments to the fixed capital, it identifies the main problems of low bank activity in the financing of enterprises attached to the real sector of economy and the tendencies of its development, and also it describes conditions for a positive development of credit-investment process in contemporary situation.

Murmansk Region: Current State and Prospects of Economy and Banking Sector Development

Starichkov Mikhail

New Aspects of Work with Personnel

Lebedev Sergey

Remittance Services Market in the Altai Region: Main Factors and Development Trends

Popov Konstantin, Mischenko Valery, Kukarskaya Larisa

In the article authors considered the regional aspect of the development of the national payment system, presented the results of research on the state of the regional market of funds transfer services (on the example of Altai territory), defined the main trends and factors of development of the market. A procedure is proposed for a comprehensive assessment of the funds transfer activities of credit organizations.

Russian Banking Sector: Certain Topical Issues of Regulation

Sukhov Mikhail

Редакция журнала «Деньги и кредит» обратилась к заместителю Председателя Центрального банка Российской Федерации М. И. Сухову с просьбой рассказать о текущем состоянии банковского сектора, тенденциях его развития, какие основные вопросы в области регулирования банков находятся в центре внимания Банка России.

Shadow Banking: Institutional and Functional Regulation

Dvoretskaya Alla

In the article the content, place and meaning of shadow banking in the world finance system are critically analyzed. Typology, scale, dynamics and perspectives of non-banking segment are reviewed. A retrospective comparative analysis of the impact of the financial crisis on the banking and investment sectors is made. The role of key regulators of the financial market is characterized. The content aspect of the regulation of shadow banking are discussed.

The Interregional Training Center of the Bank of Russia in Tula

Lisenkov Mikhail

«The Plunder of Chita Treasury» - Documentary Evidence and Facts

Zhelezniak Ilya


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