Деньги и кредит


An Alternative Approach to Financing Public Health and Other Social Sphere Sectors

Aganbegyan Abel

Basel III: Impact on Economic Growth (Review of Empirical Studies)

Usoskin Valentin, Belousova Veronika, Klintsova Marina

According to recent empirical studies, the new regulatory proposals concerning capital and liquidity standards as well as monitoring of global systemically important financial institutions may lead in a decline of the annual growth rates of GDP due to increase in lending rates and reduction of lending activities of commercial banks. At the same time, some studies show that the new measures may stimulate stability of financial system and help to reduce the probability of banking crises. This paper reviews the results of empirical studies on potential influence of new Basel III standards on functioning of the banking system, economic growth and financial stability.

Concentration and Integration of Farm Businesses as a Condition for Their Lending Development

Popov Gennady

Произошедшие в постсоветский период преобразования аграрных отношений в России по существу свелись лишь к разгосударствлению сельскохозяйственных организаций без сопутствующего государственного содействия в конструировании новых форм хозяйствования и создании соответствующей им системы кредитования. За последние 20 лет доля кредитных вложений в сельскохозяйственную отрасль в общем объеме кредитов в реальный сектор экономики резко сократилась: с 14 до 3-5%, а по данным на 1 июля 2013 г. она составила около 2%.

Dynamics of Innovation Introduction into Banknote Manufacturing

Trachuk Arkady, Kornilov Georgy

Today over 170 billion banknotes is being produced annually in a globe, in this connection research of process of innovation diffusion in this sphere is represented especially actual. The marketing materials of banknote producers, professional publications and conference materials were analyzed in process of working on the article. It defines specific characteristics of the industry of banknote production. As a case study the development of intaglio printing was viewed with a particular attention to development of this technology in Russia. The results of the study enable to define the perspectives of development of banknote printing industry.

Housing Mortgage Lending in Russia

Yanin Viktor

The article highlights conceptual issues of housing mortgage lending development in the Russian Federation in the post-crisis period. In 2010-2012, the volume of housing mortgage lending grew 7 fold as compared with the crisis year of 2009. In 2012, it stood at 1,072 billion roubles or 63% more than in 2008. The author does not share superoptimistic forecasts of achieving the similar rates of growth in the foreseeable perspective due to a number of factors mentioned in the article. Therefore, in order to solve the housing problem in Russia, more profound and large-scale measures should be taken involving federal and sub-federal authorities, construction companies, credit institutions and households.

International Investment Bank

Molomzhamts Demchichjavyn

Macroprudential Analysis

Pantina Irina, Gambarov Georgy, Pavshok Olga, Musaeva Malika, Moiseyev Sergey, Snegova Elena, Markov Kirill

Журнал продолжает публикацию словарных статей, подготовленных сотрудниками Департамента финансовой стабильности Банка России. В данном номере представлены авторские статьи раздела «МАКРОПРУДЕНЦИАЛЬНЫЙ АНАЛИЗ» (статьи раздела «Концепция макропруденциальной политики» см. «Деньги и кредит» № 7/2013).

New Strategy of the Eurasian Development Bank

Finogenov Igor

В июне 2013 г. Совет Евразийского банка развития (ЕАБР), в который входят министры финансов, а также руководители министерств и ведомств экономического блока правительств Армении, Беларуси, Казахстана, Кыргызстана, России и Таджикистана, утвердил Стратегию Банка на 2013-2017 годы. О намеченных рубежах и планах по реализации новой стратегии в интервью журналу «Деньги и кредит» рассказал Председатель Правления ЕАБР Игорь Валентинович Финогенов.

Problems of Renovation of Conceptual Fundamentals of Russia's Foreign Economic Risk Regulation Amid Integration into the Global Economy and WTO Accession

Krasavina Lidia

The article looks into core renewals of the regulatory basis of foreign economic risks underlying Russia's accession into WTO and integration into world economy. Emphasized risks regulation methodology and theory aiming at higher efficiency of risk mitigation; refreshed risk definition; systematized types of risks from the perspectives of global challenges; proposed risk/chance approach to complement principles of risk regulation.

Russia’s External Corporate Debt: Not as Simple as It Seems

Matovnikov Mikhail

US Banking Regulation Paradigm Shift: from Short-Term Benefits to Enduring Risk Management Priorities

Djagityan Eduard, Silvestrov Sergey


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