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Application of the Bank of Russia's Recommendations about Timely Completion of Settlements and Systemic Risk of Settlement System in Term of Legislative Changes

Tamarov Pavel, Pak Marina, Kuzmin Aleksandr

This article is devoted to the issues related to the documents issued by the Bank of Russia in 2010-2011 addressed to credit organizations. The application of the recommendations included in these documents provides for credit organization capabilities for building up a risk management system which complies with the new Federal Law's «On National Payment System» requirements.

Banks on the Trustee Services Market: Evidence, Outlook and Disintermediation Trends

Skapenker Oleg

In the article you will fnd the perspectives of credit organizations as trust managers being analyzed in terms of defning the banks' place on the trust market, studying peculiarities of their functioning on the given market and the infuence of trust management over the banking business. The received results can be used for forecasting the banking development perspectives at the trust management services market.

Banks' Risk Exposures in Servicing Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Baidina Oksana, Baidin Evgenii

Competition Impact of Market Structure (the Case of Banking Services Markets in Two Russian Regions)

Anisimova Anna, Vernikov Andrei

The paper studies empirically competition on regional markets for banking services in Russia. Bank-level statistics collected in two adjacent Russian regions, namely Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, enabled to compare these markets. Estimation based on Herfindahl-Hirschman index, Lerner index and Panzar-Rosse model suggests that both regional markets are featured by monopolistic competition. Contrary to ex ante expectations, intensity of competition in Bashkortostan turned out to be higher than in Tatarstan. There is found no convincing statistical proof to the theoretical hypothesis that market power dynamics are driven by market structure, i.e. by the degree of market concentration in the hands of top players.

Identification and Assessment of a Bank's Strategic Positioning

Bulanov Yury

The questions of positioning of the commercial bank market on the basis of the SWOT and SNW-analysis are considered. The autor proposed to use quantitative indicators to determine the neutral, the average market conditions, strong, neutral, weak strategic position when dealing with clients. Quantitative indicators are calculated on the basis of analytical materials of the Bank of Russia, arranged in four groups - «Dynamics of development», «Credit risks», «Liquidity», «Effciency». An example of the calculation of the average market status on a group of indicators «Dynamics of development» is considered.

I Face the Future with Optimism

Eskindarov Mikhail

2011 год для ректора Финансового университета при Правительстве Российской Федерации Эскиндарова Михаила Абдурахмановича является юбилейным вдвойне: в ноябре ему исполняется 60 лет, 40 из которых он отдал служению родному вузу. В связи со столь знаменательными датами представляем вниманию читателей вкратце его профессиональный путь, а также видение целей и задач работы ректора современного российского университета и перспектив его дальнейшего развития.

Monetary Policy in Germany in 1975 - 1998

Kondratov Dmitry

This article discusses some of the provisions of German monetary policy from 1975 to 1998. It studies the advantages and disadvantages of monetary targeting, but also demonstrates the economic performance of Germany.

On Banking Standards

Kosterina Tatiana, Galochkina Tatiana

Financial market integration ensures the growth of the whole level of international risk and reduction possibilities of the state banking regulation. Analyzing of the financial crisis sources shows that the risks are directly in the banking sector of the economy. The adoption of a global regulatory framework (Basel III) tightening capital and risk management requirements, in particular a new global liquidity standards as a tool for increasing of the banking sector stability, gives rise to special investigation. In the article the analysis of the influence of the international banking standards on the financial stability of the credit institutions is given by reference to the concept of the essence and role of the standardization in its regulation.

On Trends in Development of the Regional Loan Market

Kuskasheva Irina

Some Activities Aimed to Improve the Financial Literacy of the Public

Faifel Boris, Shorokhov Aleksandr

The Impact of Capitalization Level and Risk on Bank Portfolio Efficiency and Stability

Borisova Vera

The article is determined to fnd out acceptable operation factors of the basic bank portfolio criteria depending on the capitalization level. The resume made in it shows that the bank portfolio effciency and the risk level depend not only of the banking activities proftability, but also of its capitalization level. By analogy with the CAPM theory it was defned the mathematical problem which helps to predict optimal periods of banking investing and to create an optimal bank portfolio structure with an allowance for proftability and risk of assets.

Trends in Development of International Monetary Relations amid the Globalization of World Economy

Krasavina Lidia





ОАО «Сбербанк России» - крупнейшая кредитная организация россий-ской банковской системы, локомотив банковского сектора. По итогам 2010 г. в очередной раз Банк признан лауреатом в номинациях «Наибольший прогресс в развитии корпоративного управления» и «Компания с лучшим годовым отчетом»; входит в десятку самых надежных бан-ков Центральной и Восточной Европы. Герман Оскарович, не могли бы Вы охарактеризовать современную институционально-функциональную структуру корпорации под названием «Сбербанк России», какие направления бизнеса она реализует, является ли она оптимальной с позиции сбалансированности различных направлений бизнеса (банковского, инвестицион-ного и т. д.)?


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