A New Stage in Practical Use of Enterprise Monitoring Results by the Bank of Russia

Stepanov Yurii

Banking Sector and Real Economy in Kursk Region

Pankov Nikolai, Pribylnaia Alla

Credit Operations of Commercial Banks

Tikhomirova Elena

Franc-Zone Evolution

Bekul Ria

New Phenomena in the Economies and financial Markets in Western Countries

Doronin Igor

Organization of Collection and Analysis of Information on Demand for Banking Services in Saratov Region

Biriukova Ekaterina, Berdnikov Ilia

Organization of Interagency Electronic Cooperation in Budgetary Process (Tula Region Experience)

Lisenkov Mikhail, Resh Valerii, Natarov Valerii, Petrova Galina

В данной статье рассматривается организация взаимодействия в Тульской области Главного управления Баша России, Управления Федерального казначейства. Управления Министерства по налогам и сборам, Департамента финансов области в процессе исполнения федерального и местного бюджетов.

Pressing Issues of Bank Activities to Counteracting the Legalization of Incomes Derived through Illegal Means and the Financing of Terrorism

Melnikov Viktor

Small and Medium-Sized Business in Khakasia: the Role of Banking Sector

Zakirov Rinat

Some Problems of Modem Banking System in China

Kuznetsov Sergei

Some Problems of Personnel Training in a Regional Bank

Kurshakova Natalia

The 65

Derepko Sergei, Kalsin Andrei

The Agency for Restructuring of Credit Institutions: the System for Ensuring Deposit Payback in Banks under Restructuring

Turbanov Aleksandr



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