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Banking Sector: Shaping Regional Configuration

Lyubimtsev Iurii, Gallyamov Flur

В статье рассматриваются методологические аспекты процессов формирования современной конфигурации[1] банковского сектора с учетом федеративно-территориального устройства Российской Федерации. Даны оценки реального распределения кредитных организаций по федеральным округам и субъектам Российской Федерации по параметрам капитала и активов. Предложены рекомендации в отношении модернизации банковского сектора с учетом территориального фактора и задач интенсификации социально-экономического развития регионов.

Central Bank as a Mega-Regulator of Financial Market

Adambekova Ainagul

The formation of the Kazakhstan model of financial market regulation was associated with certain difficulties. It can not be called ideal, but in contrast to other former Soviet states, it is certainly a worthy subject for study. In this work aims to address major issues in the work of mega-regulator, to assess the process of reforming the financial regulatory authorities in Kazakhstan on the basis of the SWOT-analysis and to identify promising areas in the main activities of the National Bank of RK as principal supervisor.

Core Aspects of Banking Services Development in the Chukotka Autonomous Area

Chekan Vadim

The article considers development of bank services in the region. It also analyzed problems of use of electronic technologies for carrying out non-cash payments is described. In consideration with regional specificity, the author conclude necessity of development of full-grown remote and mobile banking on Chukchi Peninsula.

Current Trends in Housing Mortgage Lending Development

Savrukov Aleksei

The article analyzes the structure and dynamics of residential mortgage loans, refinancing and accessibility features of mortgage loans in the Russian Federation. The study identified key trends specific to the segment of the banking system and the constraints that may lead to increased credit risk and reduce the stability of the mortgage system in the future.

Experience of Using Financial and Credit Mechanisms in Socio-Economic Development of Regions (the Case of Bashkortostan)

Mardanov Rustem, Korovin Sergei, Lenar GABDULLIN.

Financial Liberalisation in Kazakhstan

Omarbayeva Ardac

Historical Evidence (For the 130th Anniversary of the Tsaritsyno Branch of the State Bank)

Shaposhnikova Elena, Avchukhov Aleksei

Improving Financial Literacy of Population: Comprehensive Approach is a Must

Zaboyenko Andriy

International Capital Movement in Transition Economies: Major Trends and Problems

Sherstnev Mikhail

The paper contains an attempt to analyze the main trends and specific issues in international capital movements in transition economies in the course of transformation within the context of modern discussions on international capital flows between developed and emerging economies.

Internationalisation of Chinese Currency: Realities and Prospects

Savinsky Sergei

Optimisation of Trust Management Regulation System

Skapenker Oleg

In the article the imbalance of system of regulation of the financial market and its valid architecture is shown. The institutional globalisation of various sectors of the financial market is shown on an example of real data of the market of trust management. the directions of reforming of the legislation are offered. They allow to harmonize the valid market situation and the legislation smoothly, having increased efficiency of the financial market.

Principal Approaches to Applying Indicators of Bank Lending Terms in Macroeconomic Modelling

Radeva Olga

This article analyses main approaches of application of bank lending conditions indicators in the macroeconomic analysis and modeling, that are widely applied in a world practice. The results of approbation of the most famous approaches on statistical data on economic indicators in Russia are presented. On the basis of constructed models for the domestic credit market and fixed capital investments we do research of influence of bank lending conditions for credit expansion and economic growth in Russia.

Role of Bank Credit Products in Ensuring Russian Economic Growth

Tikhomirova Elena

In the article the author has defined the priority part of banks and the bank credit products in providence of the Russian economic innovation growth, has analyzed the current condition of the investment sector of the banking market of corporate credits, has defined the main directions of the credit providence of the investment-innovation process and the principles of the bank credit politics, provided active part of the banks in that process.

Russian Far East Integration into Asia-Pacific Region: Situation, Problems, Prospects

Rudko-Silivanov Victor

The article considers challenges of the Far Eastern Federal territory development, main factors of comparative effectiveness of the regional economy; it points out the absolute dominance of the raw materials sector in the preferences of foreign investors; the article suggests some directions for selective national policy focused on development of Russian eastern territories.

The State Bank and the First Russian Revolution

Bokarev Iurii





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