A Round-Table Meeting at the Russian Economics University G.V. Plekhanov

Slepov Vladimir, Gromova Elena

Notes on the Life and Activity of E. E. Kartavtsov (1850 - 1932)

Bugrov Aleksandr

On the Preliminary Model of the Payments System of the Bank of Rus

Baikov Igor

Particulars and Significance of the 1930 - 1932 Credit Reform

Urasova Svetlana

The purpose of a spelling of article is disclosing features of realization and value of credit reform of 1930 - 1932 for development of bank system of the USSR. The basic questions considered in article: principal causes and conditions of transition to realization of credit reform; the characteristic of a course of reform regarding a normative regulation, specificity and features of realization of transformations; consequences and value of reform for development of bank system of the country.

Raising the Role of Credit and Banks in the Innovational Development of the Russian Economy

Krasavina Lidia, Alekseev Petr

В Финансовом университете при Правительстве Российской Федерации состоялось заседание круглого стола, посвя-щенное актуальным проблемам реализации антикризисных программ и инновационного развития экономики России. Особое внимание было уделено финансовой, налоговой, денежно-кредитной политике, повышению роли банков и кредита в модерни-зации и инновации российской экономики. В предлагаемом вниманию читателей обзоре обобщены научно-практические предложения аспирантов по укреплению финансовой устойчивости банков и активизации их роли в реализации стратегии инновационного развития российской экономики.

Recent Development of Electronic Money Systems and Their Infrastructures in Japan

Taiji Inu, Obaeva Alma, Povarkov Roman, Plotnikov Andrei

The article contains the current situation of electronic money in Japan, including business models, supporting infrastructures, and legal framework.

Some Aspects of the Legal Regulations of Banking in Russia

Golubev Sergei

The Analysis of Commercial Bank Assets

Mammaeva Dinara

The Credit-Investment Potential of the Russian Banking Sector

Khrustalev Evgenii, Omelchenko Aleksei

The proposed conceptual model allows identifying the key growth factors of credit and investment potential of the Russian banking sector. The model allows to determine the ways to improve efficiency of the banking sector, analyze the structure of its core factors and assess their interactions

The Diversification of Banking Activity

Trifonov Dmitrii

The Practice of Applying the Results of Enterprise Monitoring

Kiliushik Lubov

The Risks of Money Laundering: an Analysis of the Problem and Some Recommendations

Revenkov Pavel, Voronin Aleksei

The article describes issues related to anti-money laundering, as well as negative consequences of this type of criminal activities. A general model of money laundering and the list of main international organizations which participate in anti-money laundering are presented. Recommendations for internal control division of the bank are also presented. The efficiency of anti-money laundering measures depends on the fulfillment of these recommendations.

The Theoretical Approach to the Modification of Exchange Rate Policy

Shevchuk Ivan

The paper is discussing exchange rate policy development in part of exchange rate flexibility and creation of mechanisms of transition to floating exchange rate. Thus the special attention is given to estimation of key parameters of exchange rate policy mechanisms. In particular, the paper contains the model of delta-neutral planned interventions and rationing model for exchange rate band interventions.

The Working Out of a New Approach for the Identification and Classification of Investment-Banking Services

Akifieva Svetlana

The article analysis the existing features of the market of investment banking services on the basis of analytical and statistical information about the deals of the investment banks and shows the most claimed services answering the requirements of the modern business. The article also gives the definition to the investment-banking service and offers their universal classifications on the basis of the functional-clients matrix including the criterion "consumer / function".



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