Automatization of Personnel Performance Monitoring in the Bank of Russia’s Regional Division

Baeva Yelena

Banks’ Business Models: Definitions, Characteristics, Assessment (Literature Overview)

Egorova Oksana, Kadoshnikova Maria

Article is devoted to ongoing changes of banking regulation and supervision paradigm: the inspection is required not only to monitor banks compliance with prudential standards supervision, but also to identify in due time so-called «soft risks» (threats to business still before they began to influence balance), to assess the viability of banks' business models and their ability to generate cash flows and create value-added business. In the article various approaches to definition of the term «business model» and international principles of assessment of business models of banks are considered. An overview of number of Russian and foreign researches in this area is also provided.

Circumstances and Probable Consequences of Application of New Identification Rules for Individuals in Currency Exchange

Malyshev Pavel

The article examines the legal and economic background for accepting the Regulation of the Bank of Russia No 499-P (as of 15-Oct-2015) toughening the identification procedure of individuals entering into currency exchange transactions. Comprehensive analysis of domestic foreign exchange market leads to the proposal that this measure may have fiscal consequences. The author concludes that the implementation of new identification procedure may decrease transparency and accountability of the domestic foreign exchange market.

Cyber Security in the Conditions of Use of the Electronic Banking System

Frolov Dmitry, Revenkov Pavel

The article discusses issues related to the use of technologies of remote banking service and the most characteristic constraints of their development. The basic paradigm of cyber security and features of their application. The sources of cyber security risks in organizations of bank financial sector and how the consequences of their manifestations affect the basic banking risks. Given the key directions of the Bank of Russia to reduce the risks of cybersecurity.

FX Interventions. The Bank of Russia’s Historical Experience of 1992-2015

Moiseyev Sergey

Increasing the Banking System’s Contribution to Sustainable Economic Development. Role of the Social Capital

Abdunazarova Nodira, Chepel Sergey

This article focuses on the role of social capital for enhancing the contribution of banking system in sustainability of economic development. The influence of social capital channels on sustainable economic growth via banking sector has been studied. The results from empirical analysis of 75 developing countries, including Russia and Uzbekistan, have confirmed the hypothesis that the impact of bank performance on sustainable development increases with growth of trust in society.

Integral Stress-testing of Capital Adequacy: Concept and Introduction Specifics

Lykova Natalya

The article analyses background for the requirements to conduct stress testing of internal capital adequacy assessments, discusses main steps to implement sound integrated stress testing and complexities that a bank encounters during the implementation.

Lessons of Ancient Economic Wars

Egorov Aleksey

Imposition of economic sanctions in 2014 aroused interest in economic warfare of past ages. This article describes some incidents of using economic sanctions in classical antiquity and reveals prerequisites of sanctions efficiency.

Opening the Kurgan Regional Division of the State Bank at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Knyazeva Liudmila

Regional Banks: Condition and Development Trends

Musaev Rasul, Kleshko Denis

Relevance of studying of regional credit institutions problems is based on growing concentration and centralization of banking capital. In the research you can find the definition of regional banks, their role in crediting of regional economy, it reveals the problems connected with complexity of receiving financing by regional banks, ways of its solutions by means of broadening of the existing instruments of refinancing.

Sacred is the Last Will of the Soldier. On Servicemen’s Deposits of 1941-1945

Tatarinov Sergey

Topical Issues of the Regional Banking Sector and Supervision Development

Polyakova Olga



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