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II International Forum on the Problems of the Development of Self-Service and Currency Circulation in Russia and the CIS

Ionov Viktor

On Constructing a General Equilibrium Model of the Russian Economy

Korshunov Dmitrii

In this paper a new general equilibrium model for the russian economy as a part of the global production and trade system is presented. This model is significantly based on the GIMF model (Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal Model) of the International Monetary Fund. As the GIMF model, the presented model combines a number of significant non-ricardian features such as finite lifetimes and declining labor income profiles of the agents (households). While using the same economic background as the GIMF model, this model is much simpler; it lacks a number of sectors, which are present in the GIMF model, and was developed first of all for the analysis of the economic processes that take place in Russia. The model can be used for monetary and fiscal policy analysis.

On the Provision of Banking Services in Permskii krai

Monochkov Aleksei

The article is discussing the system of activities, which reflect the level of banking services security. In particular the performance analysis of Perm Region has been carried out against Privolzhsky Federal District and All-Russia indices. At the same time the article focuses on the analysis of trends which takes into account and compares the volume of gross national product, population figures and the scope of banking services in the region. Proposals of enhancing the level of banking services security are made.

Particulars of the Monetary Policy of Mongolia in 2011

Lkhamsurengijn Purevdorzh.

Problems of the Regulatory Standards for the Justification of Judgments (the Justification of Assessments)

Emelin Andrei

Supervision as a Task of the Central Bank for the Improvement and Development of the Payments Systems

Tamarov Pavel

The article reviews the approach to payment systems oversight in Russia, which determines, including new national payment system legislation principles, the term «oversight in national payment system» as a task to improve and develop payment systems and based on the best international and national practices. Developed point of view says, that the oversight activity can be realized based in existing Bank of Russia legal powers.

The 100th Anniversary of the Petrozavodsk Department of the State Bank

Kuleshova Elena

The Banking Sector and the Socio-Economics of Regional Development: the Reproductive Aspect

Iangirov Ilshat

The rate of expanded reproduction of bank capital is one of the most important factors in the development of the banking sector and the extent of its impact on socio-economic processes in society. This article reviews the current situation, prospects and characteristics of expanded reproduction of the main sources of capital increase of the banking sector of the Siberian Federal District. The participation of capital of different forms of ownership in shaping and building the charter and equity of regional credit institutions is analysed. The attempt to assess the impact of market reforms at the sectoral and institutional structure of the reproduction of the gross regional product and banking capital is made.

The Conceptual Basis and Organization of the System of Internal Control

Rudko-Silivanov Viktor, Lapina Karolina, Kruchkova. Elena

The article researches the approaches of the forming risk-based internal control, describes actual aspects of the internal control organization in the Central bank of the Russian Federation and its regional divisions.

The Market for Syndicated Credits: Tendencies and Perspectives

Tikhomirova Elena

In the article the аuthor has defined the main tendencies and perspectives of development of the Russian syndicated banking cred-iting market and has concluded about its meaning as the important financial source of the investment activity of the real sector of economy today. The аuthor offered the directions of the decision of the main preventing development of the syndicated banking crediting market of Russia problems on the state level and on the banking association level.

The Prospects and Risks of Development after the Crisis

Ershov Mikhail

The Russian Banking System at the Present Time

Turbanov Aleksandr


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