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About the Government Deposits’ Management in Russia

Morgunov Viacheslav, Vlasov Sergey

This paper presents a comparative analysis of the Russian and foreign practice in the management of government deposits. In comparison with European countries Russia has the most uneven distribution of public expenditures during a financial year. Moreover the allocation of the temporarily free funds on the commercial banks’ deposits is not based on a strategic rule of targeting a certain balance of funds on the accounts with the Bank of Russia. For improving Russian practice of temporarily free funds management the authors suggest to use foreign experience and recommend the direction allowing to minimize the fluctuations in the banking system liquidity level.

Credit Fraud by Juridical Persons - Operational and Credit Risks

Liubiviy Nikita

One of the problems of the Russian banking sector is the fraud at granting of the credits. Volumes of straight and indirect losses on this field are estimated in billion rubles. The problem of definition of a place of credit fraud of corporate clients is actual among the bank risks. In the article the main approaches to management credit and operational risks are considered; the interrelation of credit fraud of corporate clients with these risks is defined; counteraction measures are offered.

Currency Circulation: Current Trends and Prospects for Development

Luntovskiy Georgi

Development of the Mechanism of Syndicated Lending in the Regional Segment of the Krasnodarskiy Krai Banking Sector

Simoniants Natalia, Voroshilova Irina, Nosova Tatiana

The article discusses the factors of development of investment activity of the regional banking sector, one of which is the syndication mechanism. It deduced the great opportunities for attracting funds into the economy through a syndicated credit that would effectively solve the problem of economic growth in the region. The authors justified economic and organizational mechanism for implementing the algorithm of syndicated credit in the regional segment of the banking system.

Factoring as a Source of Small Business Financing

Safarian Valentina

Forecasting Financial Indicators of the Activity of Credit Organizations

Rudko-Silivanov Viktor, Naumov Andrey, Iakukhniy Evgeniy

The expediency to apply neural networks (NNs) in forecasting of credit institutions’ financial indicators using statistical data is substantiated in this paper. The aim of the research was not elaboration of a multipurpose toolkit to predict financial indicators of credit institutions but demonstration of capabilities of NNs as one of possible forecasting instruments.

Olympic Games - A Powerful Stimulus for the Development of the Regional Economy

Peronko Ivan

Perspectives for the Development of Sochi City Banking Network

Simirnikova Ekaterina

Problems of Modernizing the Financial Infrastructure on the Regional Retail Banking Products and Services Market

Bout Valeriy, Piterskaya Ludmila, Rodin Denis

The article deals with institutional problems of upgrading the financial infrastructure at the regional retail banking products and services in anticipation of the XXII Winter Olympic Games, with the experience these problems during the Olympic Games in China and Canada, identified areas to improve the banking infrastructure of the Krasnodar region.

Questions of Mortgage Lending in Tomsk Province

Gustap Elena

Some Problems of Lending in Conditions of Business Diversification

Golovanov Albert

The Banking Sector of Krasnodarskiy Krai in the Period of Preparation for Conducting the 2014 Olympiad

Voylukov Aleksey

The Coins Program of «Sochi 2014»

Shesternin Vladimir

The Creation of Regional Components of the Bank of Russia’s Payments System

Gostev Akeksandr

The Economy and Banking Sector of the Baltic Nations amidst Conditions of the Euro Crisis

Olenchenko Vladimir

The Mechanism of Educating and Developing the Personnel of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Litvinenko Larisa

The Savings Bank of Russia - A General Partner of the 2014 Olympiad

Alonso Viktor Ventimilla

Visa Prepares for the Sochi Olympics

Parker Steven

ZENIT Bank Sochi in the Conditions of Preparation for the Olympic Games

Sosin Igor


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