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Adjusting the Bank of Russia Procurement System to Modern Requirements

Goreglyad Valery

Analysing the Evaluation of Bank Loan Collateral

Fedotova Marina, Sinogeikina Yekaterina

The article investigates the practice of evaluating the collateral for a bank loan and reveals differences of approaches to the asset value in pre-crisis and crisis periods. The requirements that are binding for the appraiser to evaluate assets pledged as collateral are proved. The pros and cons of the bank's loan collateral management systems in the USA, the UK, Ireland and Spain based on the analysis of foreign practice of regulating the relationships between the central bank, commercial banks and appraisers can be used to improve the management of collateral valuation practices in Russia.

Analysis of the Balance of Payments of the Republic of Belarus

Popkova Anna

In the article the analysis of the data of the balance of payments of the Republic of Belarus for 2009-2014 is made. The author defined causes of the current account deficit, analyzed the macroeconomic policies, and the factors positively and negatively affecting the balance of the balance of payments, offered the complex of measures of monetary, fiscal and investment policies on structural economic reforms aimed at reducing the deficit of current account.

As Long as We Remember the Past We Have the Future

Kolomiytseva Vera

Domestic Credit Operations of the Russian Empire during the First World War

Grishina Olga, Grishin Aleksey

The article chronologically describes the conditions and organization of the six domestic loans (commonly referred as «Military loans»), conducted by the Government of the Russian Empire in the years of 1914-1917 to finance the expenses caused by the World War I.

Forms of Currency Relations and the Possibility of Their Application within the Eurasian Economic Union

Goncharenko Mikhail, Khomyakova Lubov

The article analyses the various forms of payments and settlements (foreign currency clearing, settlements as a part of a planned economy, and others) in different periods of international economic relations. The authors made their conclusions about the possibility of the use of these forms in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Integration of Russian Financial Market Sectors: Conditions, Trends and Developments

Slepov Vladimir, Gryadovaya Olga, Ivanovsky Yevgeny

The article is devoted to the question of the integration between sectors of Russian financial market. The conditions of such integration, being predetermined by the current state of this sphere of financial relations in the Russian Federation, are outlined. The trends in the spread of integration between the financial market sectors are mentioned. The ways of development the cross-sector interactions in the Russian financial market are clarified. These ways are able to be helpful for sustainable economic and social development of Russia.

Main Approaches to Using Electronic Signature in the Making Contracts with Individuals in the Financial Market

Yemelin Andrey, Kurilo Andrey

New Mechanism for Settling Liabilities of a Bank with a Revoked License

Sukhov Mikhail

On Conceptual Approaches to Monetary Unification in the Process of Formation of the Eurasian Economic Union

Pischik Viktor, Alekseev Petr

The article analyzes the role and place of monetary unification, including the coordination and harmonization of exchange rate policy, in the realization of the project of formation of the Eurasian Economic Union. Conceptual approaches to monetary unification based on the model of optimal exchange rate policy are considered, taking into account the objective laws of economic integration and the basic provisions of the theory of optimal currency areas.

On the Confidence in Credit Relations

Lavrushin Oleg

This article dwells on insufficiently explored yet debatable problem of confidence in credit relationships. Attitudes of different authors, both foreign and domestic ones (starting from the 19

On the Potential of the Russian Banking Sector to Develop Exports

Popov Gennady

Savings Activity of the Russian Population

Matovnikov Mikhail

Trade Repositories Development Issues and Prospects

Moiseev Sergey, Pantina Irina


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