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Business Reputation as a Factor in the Formation of the Market Value of a Financial Organization

Shaipova Svetlana

В статье раскрываются основные цели и задачи управления деловой репутацией. Автор доказывает, что процессом формирования общественного мнения об организации необходимо руководить. Даются практические рекомендации по управлению деловой репутацией.

Evaluating the Quality of Banking Services: Choice of Methodology

Mukhametzianova Yelena

In the article the methodology of the social and marketing researches on the banking service quality measurement is analyzed; actually using techniques of banking service quality measurement in practice are revealed; the recommendations for the selection of up-to-date methods suitable the task of improvement strategy of banking service quality management in the Russian conditions are presented.

FOREX Market Prospects in the Russian Federation

Sokologorsky Aleksandr

Improving Interbank Lending in a Region

Maslenkova Olga

In the article the possibility of establishment of a regional dealing center capable to improve the situation in the interbank lending in the region is discussed. The algorithm to establish a regional dealing center is presented. The recommendation is proposed as an anticrisis measure in the current situation in the banking market.

On a Possible System of Counteracting Unlawful Use of Information on Issued Promissory Notes

Makeev Aleksandr

In the article one of possible approaches to the counteraction organization is stated to unfair use of information on the issued bills (requisites actually bill and blank sheet), to decrease in risks at acquisition of bills in the secondary market. Such information is used for the purpose of reflection in financial statements of securities actually not available for the credit organization (so-called "mirror" bills). Possibilities of use of system on the basis of the offered approach in interests of bank supervision are discussed.

On Asymmetry Problem in Eurozone's Financial System

Butorina Olga

The single European currency was intended to eliminate the asymmetry of the Exchange rate mechanism dominated by German economic policy. However, the EMU is also characterized by a high degree of asymmetry. It is caused by several factors: weakening of certain macroeconomic automatic stabilizers, narrowed scope of monetary policy instruments in countries with weak financial systems and a significant bias in the Harmonized index of consumer prices of the euro area.

On Credit Institutions, Banking Operations and Transactions

Chernykh Sergey, Potemkin Sergey

Project Financing Market and Factors Hampering Its Development

Afanasyeva Oksana

The article describes the characteristic features of Russian project finance market. Particular attention is paid to the factors hindering the development of project financing (on the macro- and microlevel). The author makes suggestions to improve the project financing in Russia.

Real Options in Shaping an Effective Leasing Finance System

Kuznetsov Dmitry

One of the main problems facing the subjects of leasing relations is to increase the efficiency of lease financing for all parties of a leasing transaction. There is investigated a promising direction of development of leasing, based on the inclusion in lease financing of real options. Systematization of real options in lease financing is made. The author arrives at a conclusion that the real options provided in the agreements between the subjects of leasing make lease financing more flexible source of funding.

Residential Mortgage Lending Development in Russia: Radical Renewal of Methodological Base

Kulikov Aleksandr, Yanin Viktor

Russia’s Reserve Fund and National Wealth Fund in the International System of Sovereign Funds

Navoy Anton, Lubov Shalunova.

Tendencies in the Development of Interest Rates for Retail Lending in Russia

Litvinov Evgeny

It is shown that the interest rate is the indicator of availability of financial resources for the population and the main instrument of competitive struggle in the market of retail crediting. Dynamics and tendencies of development of interest rates for the retail credits at various stages of development of financial and economic system of the country are provided. The analysis of retail credit programs of leading domestic commercial banks, features of interest rates applied by them are carried out. The recommendations for enhancement of percentage policy of banks, performing activities in the market of retail crediting are developed.

The Russian Rouble in the Customs Union

Borisov Stanislav


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