Eurasian Development Bank as an Active Contributor to Integration Processes

Pankin Dmitry

Global Reform in Financial Sector Regulation: First Outcomes and New Challenges

Khudyakova Liudmila, Kulakova Vasilisa, Sidorova Yelena, Stanislav Nozdrev

The article reviews the first results of global financial regulation reform in the main centers of world financial system - USA, European Union (EU), Japan. Dodd-Frank Act is analyzed along with its consequences for the US financial system. Major stages of EU financial regulation reforms are considered as well as the project of Banking Union. Japan implementation of Basel III principles and other directions of global reform are examined, and also individual opinion of Japan towards further reforming of global financial system.

Global Reform in Financial Sector Regulation: First Outcomes and New Challenges

Moiseyev Sergey

Monetary Metals and Hoarding

Ilya Kucherov.

In the article an attempt to define the essential features of the monetary metals, including through the prism of the performing monetary functions. Special attention is given to precious metal with monetary qualities. The mapping occurs through the understanding of similarities and differences of the processes of the private store of value and the formation of public international reserves; the purpose of the gold reserve is examined.

Motivation of Bank Personnel

Yegor Anokhin, Vladimir Anokhin

In this paper the essence, the basic elements and factors of such motivation are considered. The characteristic is given for the motivation of the personnel at Savings Bank of Russia as a system including subsystems of material and non-material incentives through the synthesis methods of direct and indirect, internal and external influence. The conclusion is made that the process of the staff motivation at Savings Bank of Russia is aimed at the creation of a sort of an ideal model for a specific position through the use of the rating system methods

On Cash Circulation in the Far-Eastern Federal District

Gennady Vishnyak.

Overdue Debt as an Indicator of Banks' Standing

Liudmila Chernikova, Sergey Shcherbakov, Svetlana Yevstefeyeva.

In this paper, using scientific methods, the authors examine the problems of non-repayment of loans by borrowers and of the growth of overdue debts in current conditions; define their possible solutions. The tendencies of growth of overdue debt are revealed as the main indicator of the state of the banking sector. The conclusion is drawn that the task of reducing of overdue debts is the first and foremost for each banking institution.

Quantitative Analysis of Press Releases on Monetary Policy

Dmitry Plekhanov.

Press releases on monetary policy decisions represent main sources of information on the current stance of monetary policy and future policy actions. This article presents results of the quantitative analysis of Central Bank of Russia' press releases. Content analysis of press releases provides opportunity to identify and measure developments in the communication policy of monetary authorities and changes in monetary policy.

Russian Economy: From Stagnation to Recession

Abel Aganbegyan

The causes and the factors of the transition of the Russian economy from the stagnation to the recession are examined in the article. There are investigated the socio-economic recurrence of the current crisis and its features versus the crisis of 2008-2009. The author formulates the main theses of the new socio-economic policy, requisite conditions and sources of it realization.

Structural Deposits and Their Accounting by NonCredit Organisations under the Russian Accounting Standards

Tatiana Safonova.

This article is devoted to the economic nature of structured deposits. The author analyses the most common deals on the market and proposes classification based on grouping of deals depended on its profitability and risks. Special attention is paid to the influence of the structured deposits arrangement on their accounting and taxation. The author also highlights the problems of qualification of barrier forwards (cap, floor) and deals with contingent condition (knock-in, knock-out).

The IV Interregional Student Research Conference «Russian Economy: Problems and Development Prospects»

Tatiana Demina




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