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A Natural Genius of Kostroma Land: for the 200th Anniversary of V.A. Kokorev

Mitrofanov Vasily, Tsygankova-Stepanova Lilia

Богата Костромская земля самородками. Согласно обычаю, когда золотодобытчики находят самородок, они говорят камню: «Здравствуй!» - и узнают, где он родился, сколько ему лет, где и как он путешествовал, откуда у него шрамы и царапины, жив ли еще родивший его источник. О золотоносных рудниках нашего края ходят легенды, но главное его богатство - люди, самобытные, уникальные, с неповторимой судьбой, которые через столетия несут энергию предпринимательского таланта, разумного авантюризма, природного дарования и сердечной доброты. Именно таким самородком был Василий Александрович Кокорев (1817-1889), сыгравший существенную роль в банковском учредительстве России: при его участии были основаны Московский купеческий и Волжско-Камский коммерческие банки.

Crowdsourcing as Part of Innovative Activity

Khisamutdinov Mikhail

The article discloses the contents of the notion «crowdsourcing». The author analyses the statistics on the main crowdsourcing projects realized in Sberbank of Russia in 2011-2015; examines the life-cycle of the crowdsourcing project and formulates the factors of its success.

Eurasian Economic Union: Particularities of Foreign Trade Statistics

Borisov Stanislav

Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Orenburg Region

Kuprianova Almira

Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan

Bolotaev Sergey

Law on Bankruptcy of Individuals: Hopes and Concerns (Viewpoint)

Medvedev Pavel

New Open Economy Macroeconomics

Moiseev Sergey

New open economy macroeconomics, or class of open economy new Keynesian models, allows analyzing an exchange rate dynamics and current account of payment balance. It takes into account microeconomic features of domestic market, in particular monopolistic competition and nominal rigidity of prices. The article reviews the development of new open economy theory. It is noted that DSGE-models have a number of restrictions which don''t allow to estimate the equilibrium level of exchange rate and to make unambiguous recommendations for exchange rate policy.

On Major Problems of Financial Stability

Nametkin Daniil, Safina Natalia

Payment Industry Aggregators: Topical Issues of Regulation

Prokhorov Roman, Pukhov Anton, Kuznetsov Vadim

The article presents the results of a study discussion of issues related to the activities of legal entities - aggregators (non-credit organizations), operating in the payments industry and sets the multiple agreements with companies to arrange payment of their products (services) by consumers. The article also contains conclusions that these entities activity should be subjected to the law of national payment system.

Quality Standard of Integrated Risk Management and Internal Procedures for Assessing Bank Capital Adequacy

Bondarenko Denis, Pomorina Marina

This article deals with the problems of creating and implementing the integrated risk management and internal capital adequacy assessment procedures (ICAAP) quality standard within the bounds of the Association of Russian Banks'' Banking Activities Quality Standards development. It discusses topical issues of credit institutions risk management development and optimization in the context of transition to comply with new regulatory requirements of the Bank of Russia regarding internal capital adequacy assessment procedures, reflecting the concept of Basel II and Basel III agreements.

Some Questions of Using Cloud Technologies in Russian and Foreign Banks

Zhilyaev Aleksandr

The global trend of technology development in banking industry is that a substantial part of the solutions and infrastructure moves to the cloud. This allows to convert a significant portion of IT-investments into operational costs, reduce costs and bring new products and services to market quicker. This article aimed to compare approaches of Russian and foreign banks towards business development via cloud technologies. In the end of the article modern concepts and the terms connected with cloud technologies are resulted.

Standardized Approaches to Manage Problem Loans of Legal Entities

Yushkova Svetlana

Bad debts managing is getting a specific role nowadays taking into account changes in the economic environment. Since bad debts have been always in sight of banks and the regulator, debt managing instruments were developing gradually, including judicial practice. Theoretical and practical problems are discussed in the article, revealing the specificity of this asset class through the prism of the banking process. The Association of Russian banks has elaborated the draft of bad debts managing activities quality standard. The article describes main standart''s components which allows to solve problems of bad debts of legal entities management optionally from the perspective of governance challenges.

Theoretical Basis of Building Bank of Russia Procurement System

Goreglyad Valery

The article considers methodological bases, conditions and opportunities for the Bank of Russia on development of internal procurement mechanism in accordance with the modern trends of science and practice. Proposes the following differentiation of subsystems procurement: contracting (as a set of processes, methods and techniques for the preparation of the contract), procurement procedures, documentary maintenance (as a set of measures to ensure the cooperation of subdivision on the issues planning needs, procurement management, contract management). Reviewed the main issues and challenges of constructing an integrated procurement management function of the Bank of Russia.

The Practice of Realization of Bank Accompaniment of Contracts in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Novikov Sergey

Trust, Cooperation and Predictability of Regulator''s Policy - the Most Precious Things on Banking Market

Murychev Aleksandr





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